Editor’s pickThe EU Production Chain of High-Quality Beef and Pork

EU producers from the meat industry are perfectly aware that every activity in the production chain influences the quality of the final product.  Restrictive standards regarding meat quality and regular and careful verification of compliance of EU standards at each production stages are the basis for the functioning of European meat industry. When choosing EU beef, pork and beef and pork …

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2016中国糖果零食展在宁波开幕 迎来6.29万人次观众

9月28-30日,2016中国糖果零食展览会(以下称“中糖展”),在宁波国际会展中心成功举行。展会由中国副食流通协会、台湾食品发展协会、香港国际食品协会支持,北京龙品锡展览有限公司主办,红杉资本中国基金作为钻石级赞助商。据了解,本届中糖展总 …



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