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April / May 2014 •
onest Milk” – that’s what
Greenfields promises to
deliver to consumers. “[PT
Greenfields Indonesia] is the only dairy
company in Southeast Asia that operates
a fully-integrated milk processing and
packing facility. By eliminating the need
to transport our milk between the various
stages of processing and packaging
[as the farm is located in East Java,
Indonesia, and produces enough milk to
serve the APAC region], we deliver the
final product straight to the consumer.
Our milk is single-pasteurised and with
absolutely no additives, preservatives and
hormones,” explained Jan Gert Vistisen,
Head of Marketing and Sales. Greenfields
milk is thus a perfect fit for consumers
riding on the current trend of Naturalness
and the increasing demand for Clean
Labels in the F&B industry.
Quality produce
“Many other milk producers collect
raw milk from a number of different
farms and each farm has its own way of
processing, thus there is a real potential
for inconsistent quality. In this case, the
consumer does not know where his
or her milk comes from. Also because
their milk goes on an extended journey,
it typically has to be pasteurised twice,”
addedVisitisen.When milk is pasteurised
more than once, it affects the quality of
From farm to table:
Greenfields delivers the
freshest milk to consumers
By Nurhuda Syed
the milk, hence, Greenfield’s advantage
of single pasteurisation ensures the
highest quality for its dairy products.
Hygiene is also one of the highest
priorities for Greenfields: to obtain fresh
milk with low bacteria content, the entire
process – from the milking system to
the processing of the milk – uses state-
of-the-art automatic machines, limiting
any chance of human contact, and thus
adhering to an extremely high standard of
hygiene. The Food Management System
of their farm operations has also been
awarded the ISO22000 certification.
Rivalling alternative milk
Besides needing to overcome the
chal lenge of Southeast Asia’s low
demand for milk – mostly due to the
higher incidence of lactose intolerance
in Asians – there is also the growing
popularity of non-dairy milk amongst
consumers. Vistisen acknowledges the
issue and said that: “We know from the
growth in consumption taking place
across the region that tastes are changing
and evolving. In this spirit, we continue
to innovate and increase our milk and
cheese varieties. By mid-2014, we will
also be introducing another cheese
variety to our line up.”
“We also continue to be aggressive in
our distribution strategy through various
channels to provide consumers easier
access and convenience to our products.
We are fast expanding in the F&B
industry as well through coffee chains
and other outlets now using our growing
range of milk and cheese.”
Additionally, on the issue of low
demand, Vistisen shared that, “Over the
years, dairy consumption has steadily
risen because of evolving demographic
and commercial factors. And as the
various markets continue to grow and
mature, Greenfields has done the same,
and will continue to do so.”
All in all, no matter the changes in the
F&B industry, consumers can always rest
assured knowing that Greenfields will
always fulfil their promise of one thing:
the provision of Honest Milk.
Jan Gert Vistisen