Food & Beverage Asia Apr/May 2018

BITING ISSUES Rousselot New Ingredient for Joint Health L ead i ng g l oba l p r oduc e r o f ge l a t i n and co l l agen peptides, Rousselot, has recently introduced Peptan ® IIm, a hydrolysed collagen Type II matrix specifically developed for joint health. A bioactive multitasker of natural origin, Peptan ® IIm is an all-round joint health ingredient that offers multiple benefits in this critical area of health. As such Peptan ® IIm touches on all physiological aspects important to maintain a healthy joint. Peptan ® IIm has been shown to provide multiple benefits to joint health, such as promoting healthy cartilage, enabling easy joint movement and reducing the effects of inflammation. Together with hydrolysed type II collagen, Peptan ® IIm also contains Glycosaminoglycan matrix components (GAG’s), which mimic the body’s natural proposition of the cartilage matrix. Launched under the trusted Peptan brand, the advanced ingredient is effective at low dosage, and can be tabletted or used in capsules. The product is also water soluble and can be easily integrated into a wide range of nutraceutical applications, to create unique value propositions. ■ 21 APRIL / MAY 2018 FOOD & BEVERAGE ASIA