Food & Beverage Asia Aug/Sep 2018

AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2018 FOOD & BEVERAGE ASIA MARKET INSIGHT 15 of Festo's capabilities, “We manufacture automation equipment from pneumatics, servo drives to actuators, motors, valves, and cloud technologies. Based on Internet of Things (IoT), we have been developing ways to link our components to the cloud to create a value proposition for our customers.” Cloud technology is central to Industry 4.0 with its unprecedented computing, storage and networking capabilities. As a platform, the cloud can help optimise business processes, enable a more e ̮ cient supply chain and provide predictive maintenance. Take the Festo Cloud, for example, which allows manufacturers to easily visualise the status of mechatronic sub-systems via Festo apps. Further analyses and evaluations in the cloud can be conducted via optional condition monitoring and predictive maintenance apps. Establishing Field-to-Cloud Connectivity To help its customers establish seamless connectivity from the workpiece to the cloud, Festo o ̫ ers pre-con̬gured IoT solutions in the form of IoT enabled devices and dashboards. Mr. Dawson highlighted two intelligent devices that have been built with IoT capabilities – the IP65 modular automation system for Motion Control and the energy e ̮ ciency module MSE6-E2M. This allows for important supplementary data such as information on flow rate or valve pressure to be gathered, analysed and made available via standardised interfaces. IoT gateways are the bridges that connect components and modules from the ̬eld level to the cloud. Festo’s CPX-IoT gateway recognises Festo components and eases the process of integrating them into the cloud. It is also able to display precon̬gured, customisable dashboards for each component. This dramatically improves the transparency and availability of the automation solutions. Through the Festo Cloud, data from the components is also prepared and monitored, allowing trends to be analysed, and early-warning systems and incident noti̬cations to be set up. Live Dashboard Demonstration Mr. Dawson demonstrated a glimpse of how the cloud platform can be leveraged to monitor production processes in its Scharnhausen Technology Plant. Using his laptop, he connected to Festo’s dashboard that monitors a machine producing pneumatic valves in its factory. He explained, “The dashboard allows us to view the live status of the machine, which displays information such as the machine’s pressure, current, ̭ow rate, electrical consumption and more. It also allows us to conduct predictive maintenance as we can monitor the mileage and condition of each component in the machine. Should a component need replacing because it has reached its maximum lifetime, we can simply notify our maintenance engineer in advance to complete the job.” Digital Mapping Digital twinning is one of the latest technologies to emerge from Industry 4.0 – which refers to the mapping of a physical asset to a digital platform. Festo is already ahead of the game as its products and solutions are already embedded with digital twins. All Festo products are provided with a product label including a data matrix code, known as the Festo product key, which gives access to a wealth of speci̬ed information and digital additional value, anywhere and at any time. Mr. Dawson explained, “The product key is crucial in the event of a machine failure, and you need to purchase an accessory urgently. Using a mobile phone, you can quickly scan the QR code found on the product to access its digital twin. From there, you can purchase the spare part from the online shop without even leaving the machine.” From Projection to Delivery Having a digital twin also enhances the e ̮ ciency of the process that takes place from projection to delivery. Mr. Dawson demonstrated this by bringing the audience through the process of designing an entire palletiser from scratch. Easily accessible through an online catalogue, customers can customise the machine’s speci̬cations such as the number of axis mechanisms it has and more. This helps to reduce engineering time and time-to-market as well as allows for fast selection and implementation due to integration of software. Shop Floor Smartenance “Smartenance – is a cross between smart and maintenance. This is a new service from Festo for end-users in factories in the form of a downloadable app that can be viewed on a desktop or smartphone. It is a scheduled and linked system that allows you to connect directly to the dashboards of all machines and all components to look at true data and enable predictive maintenance,” shared Mr. Dawson. With Smartenance, Festo essentially makes digital facility maintenance possible. The app helps with administration, reminds you to perform tasks, documents everything digitally and thus speeds up the process. It comprises a mobile maintenance calendar as an app for smartphones and tablets for the facility operators to view all tasks and a dashboard as a website for production managers, which they can use to keep an eye on all the completed and un̬nished tasks online. )%$