Food & Beverage Asia Aug/Sep 2018

16 FOOD & BEVERAGE ASIA AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2018 BITING ISSUES 5RKD %(1(2 Nutracol Ultima Yellow Prevents O-Ring Formation on Bottle Necks New Study Shows Chicory Root Fibres Improves Digestive Health in Children The beverage industry has long faced an issue of neck ringing, the formation of oily ring like stains on the necks of beverage bottles. Roha, with its DNA of innovation, has brought forth a solution to this problem with a novel, natural pigment based formulation for the beverage industry – Ultima Yellow. A product under the Natracol brand, Ultima Yellow is a water dispersible liquid which imparts a yellow to orange shade in beverages depending on the dosage. De v e l oped f rom a f u n g a l b e t a - carotene source, Ultima Yellow has a beta-carotene concentration of 1% and has many advantages over its predecessors. It disperses readily into the beverage leaving no visible O-ring on the neck of the bottle, even during extended storage. Ultima Yellow is extremely stable to light and heat, ensuring that there is no change in the shade or intensity of the colour even when exposed to high processing temperatures or extended exposure to light. Many claimed that the O-ring formation was a bottleneck for the growth of the beverage industry, however, with Natracol Ultima Yellow, this issue is a thing of the past. Mr.BrijeshTibrewala,Jt.MDofRohaDyechem said, “Roha has always been known for innovations and industry leading breakthroughs. It is this culture of ̬nding new solutions to age- old problems that has brought Roha to the leadership p o s i t i o n i t holds in the colour i n d u s t r y . Ultima Yellow is one more such solution. But it is not the last. Soon we hope to announce many more such innovative solutions that can help the F&B industries move ahead with con̬dence.” Ŷ A recently published scientific study by Professor Tamás Decsi and Szminoetta Lohner at the Department of Paediatrics, University of Pécs, Hungary, has shown important health bene̬ts in kindergarten children aged three to six years, as a result of consuming chicory root ̬bres. Previous studies have demonstrated a strengthening of the natural defence system in infants and children between birth and two years of age. However, this is the ̬rst time this evidence has been established for this age group. The human intervention study, which examined the supplementation of a daily dosage of 6g of chicory root ̬bre during the autumn and winter period, demonstrated various health bene̬ts amongst children. These include improved gut microbiota composition, softer stools in a normal range and fewer incidences of infections in the group of children. The study, conducted over six months with a double-blind, placebo controlled design, also con̬rmed that chicory root ̬bre was very well tolerated. Regular intake of a dedicated composition of chicory root ̬bre, a variant of Orafti ® inulin, was found to support the gut microbiota of the children by increasing bifidobacterial and lactobacilli numbers. This resulted in lower numbers of fever episodes requiring a physician’s consultation and sinusitis in kindergarten children. In addition, the positive effect on digestive health was further supported by a softer stool consistency. Ms. Anke Sentko, Vice President Regulatory Affairs and Nutrition Communication at BENEO, commented: “This study demonstrates the importance of healthy, prevention orientated eating in this age group. By making small adjustments to your daily choices you can achieve significant improvements to your health status, from very early on. It also shows once again that your microbiota composition matters. With the chicory root ̬bre used in this study, we can strengthen their natural defence forces. These are very exciting results that can be achieved by these particular dietary ̬bres.” Ŷ