Food & Beverage Asia Aug/Sep 2018

22 FOOD & BEVERAGE ASIA AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2018 BITING ISSUES ,QJUHGLRQ Ingredion Launches High-Capacity Plating Agent FrieslandCampina Kievit Expands Range of Fat Powders )ULHVODQG&DPSLQD Ingredion Incorporated, a leading global provider of ingredient solutions to diversi̬ed industries, recently unveiled in Asia Paci̬c N-ZORBIT™ 2144 plating agent, a high- capacity carrier that allows manufacturers to economically transform a wide variety of both oil- and water-soluble liquids into powdered ingredients. The ingredient is a next generation plating agent with a unique, porous structure that increases the surface area exposed to liquids, facilitating absorption. Due to the non-gelatinised and unique granular structure of the ingredient, it can be used to carry high-̭avour concentrations that ̭ow freely through processing equipment and mix evenly into food and beverage recipes. The unique structure and composition of N-ZORBIT™ 2144 plating agent contributes to an optimal particle size that can deliver a plating capacity as high as 40 percent. This means100grams of NZORBIT™2144canplate up to 70 grams of liquid, delivering far more than traditional carriers such as maltodextrin. “Creating today’s on-trend foods and beverages means using a wide assortment of spices, seasonings, ̭avours and actives,” said Ms. Donna Brooks, Director, Global Business Development, Delivery Systems at Ingredion. “N-ZORBIT™ 2144 plating agent allows product developers and manufacturers to economically increase that variety, transforming a multitude of liquids into a powdered form.” High plating capacity brings cost-in-use bene̬ts while delivering the same amount of ̭avour with less use of carrier. N-ZORBIT™ 2144 plating agent can be used to deliver powdered versions of oil and water-based ̭avours and seasonings. It also adds thick honey, chocolate syrup and other viscous ̭uids to the range of ingredients that can be made into powders without the added expense of spray drying. “With the launch of N-ZORBIT™ 2144 plating agent we are able to unlock new application opportunities for manufacturers”, said Ms. Lilian Tan, Marketing Manager, Texture and Delivery Systems, Asia Paci̬c. “Now, manufacturers can plate a wider range of actives at higher levels and more cost e ̫ ectively than traditional carriers.” Ŷ FrieslandCampina Kievit, one of the leading global manufacturers of food and beverage ingredients, has expanded its range of fat powders, which leverages the goodness of dairy. Two new Vana ® -Lata additions, the butter-based Vana ® -Lata BB75B and the cream-based Vana ® -Lata CB72B, enable customers to adapt to global food trends as well as speci̬c bakery and savoury trends. FrieslandCampina Kievit based their Vana ® -Lata portfolio on consumer behaviours. Ms. Gea de Groot, Global Product Group Manager: “The dairy-based fat powders in the portfolio o ̫ er the possibility of a butter or cream base. This enables increased premiumisation, in line with the changing consumer wants and needs. That doesn’t just go for bakery products like butter cookies and brioche buns, but also for savoury shiitake soup, mashed potatoes and béchamel sauce. It also o ̫ ers relevant possibilities for labelling. Although local legislation can vary, the use of Vana ® -Lata enables creating understandable labels, which is what consumers expect and look for.” The Vana ® -Lata BB75B contributes to an enhanced sensorial buttery taste and has a shelf life of 12 months, helping manufacturers open new and po t en t i a l l y f a r t he r markets. Through its high butter content, manufacturers can access possibilities for all-natural labelling. Vana ® -Lata BB75B ha s e x c e l l en t dough properties in combinations with high protein and zero e-numbers. Vana ® -Lata CB72B o ̫ ers a p r em i um s e n s o r y experience with whitening looks and superb creamy taste, adding freshness to products. It has a shelf-life of nine months and is an all-round ingredient with endless application possibilities and proven functionalities. Both new innovations combine the goodness of dairy with full supply chain transparency. FrieslandCampina Kievit continues to keep pace with shifting consumer behaviours and is committed to partner with customers to create trend-based applications for the changing beverage and food consumer market. Ŷ