Food & Beverage Asia Aug/Sep 2018

PROCESSING AND PACKAGING AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2018 FOOD & BEVERAGE ASIA 45 generate demand for packed products with ̬xed weights and packet packaging. To satisfy these demands, food processing lines will have to be more automated, streamlined and able to produce various products in small quantities. Manufacturers are now looking for ̬xed weighing equipment that can provide higher operational speeds and higher accuracies to cut down on material losses and improve productivity. Customers also need equipment that are built for materials that are usually handled manually because they are too fragile or sticky, for example, and also able to handle high-mix, low-volume processes. In light of these needs, which can be ful̬lled by Yamato’s production lines, there is great opportunity for the weighing equipment manufacturer to expand its business especially in Asia. Importance of Innovation The company’s motto "Yamato for Technology" embodies the ideas of breaking stereotypes alongside making the impossible possible through the continual development of new technologies for the creation of high quality products. For example, the stereotype in weighing is that you can only either enjoy more capability at the expense of accuracy, or greater accuracy at the expense of capability. However, Yamato Scale is able to help its customers achieve both, delivering greater accuracy and greater capability. The success Yamato has enjoyed through the decades can be largely attributed to its continuous pursuit of innovative technologies. Believing in the necessity of innovating and its abilities to do so, Yamato Scale does not remain stagnant and works to constantly come up with new solutions to stay ahead. However, in some cases, innovative technologies may not be completely new creations, but found from extensions of historical technologies. Looking into these has the potential of generating “new” innovations. Yamato can mainly help customers in the areas of material cost reduction and productivity. Thanks to high accuracies of its equipment, users can reduce the amount of material losses and save on costs. Yamato’s products can also be operated at higher speeds, without compromising on accuracy, supporting e ̮ cient production. More importantly, Yamato is not simply a provider of scales, but weighing systems as a solution with which users can be released from inconveniences and improve productivities of their product lines. Yamato Scale also recognises the importance of understanding local markets’ needs and potentials correctly to provide the most suitable solutions for each target account. A large part of Yamato Scale’s growth is dependent on the successful e ̫ orts of the sales and marketing team. Expanding to Asia Markets Yamato Scale is con̬dent that the current demand in Asia aligns with its o ̫ ering of ̬xed weighing technology with high speed and capability that can contribute to material cost reductions and resource saving. To bring Japanese technologies from Japan to Asia, Yamato Scale has been participating in many exhibitions held across Asia to promote the outstanding bene̬ts its ̬xed weighing equipment can provide to users. At present, Yamato Scale has set up an a ̮ liate company in Thailand to meet the demand in Southeast Asia. To date, the company has expanded its business bases to 13 countries worldwide and delivered its multihead weighers to users in more than 130 countries. Currently, approximately 60% of its products are exported from Japan. Yamato’s mission is to contribute to global society by saving resources with our products as well as to various industries by productivity improvement and material cost saving. In the years ahead, this is the direction in which that the business will continue develop. )%$ Semi-automatic Table-top Dataweigh TM TSDW-206W