Food & Beverage Asia Aug/Sep 2018

PROCESSING AND PACKAGING AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2018 FOOD & BEVERAGE ASIA 47 ABB’s solution for Cosmos included a turnkey high speed palletising system with its IRB 660 robot equipped with two ‘plug-and-play’ ̭ex gripper clamps that allow the robot to pick up to 24,000 bottles an hour. ABB determined that short cycle times with high acceleration values were needed to delicately handle the bottles despite the fast throughput. This meant the system needed quick and precisely- coordinated motion sequences, which were managed through ABB’s speci̬c palletising applications and RobotStudio ® simulation and o ̯ ine programming software. For each new cycle, the robot picks up new bottles from their crates and places them on a conveyor belt, then removes the top sheet, and then returns the bottles to the crates. The other gripper picks up the returned beer bottles from their crates and places them onto empty pallets which are then placed on a conveyor belt. Before the ABB robotic systemwas installed, the job of moving bottles was performed manually by a team of ̬ve operators. The repetitive work of lifting 12 bottles at a time by each operator compared with 240 bottles at a time by the IRB 660 is helping increase the brewery’s productivity. Additionally, the workers were released from physically demanding, repetitive work to focus on more rewarding tasks. This is helping to improve ThaiBev’s competitive edge, aligning it with the Thailand 4.0 concept, a government-led policy to transform the Thai economy from being industry-driven to an innovation- and technology-driven one in order to bring the country forward. Powering Heineken’s New Brewery in Vietnam Just a few months ago in May this year, ABB won a contract from Heineken, one of the world’s leading brewers, to provide complete power distribution systems for their newly expanded brewery in Vung Tau province in Vietnam. Owing to its proven track record for on-time and on-budget deliveries, ABB was once again chose by the brewer to deliver reliable and e ̮ cient technologies to power the huge facility. The scope of order for the 300,000 sqm brewery will include one main power station and ̬ve sub-stations for which ABB will provide 22kV medium voltage and 0.4kV low voltage switchboards, compact sub-station, electric meters with digital communication which will enable users to store real time operational data, dry type transformers with high e ̮ ciency and low losses, cables and cables trays, earthing and other installation materials. Along with the above equipment, ABB will also supply a full engineering package including project management, installation, testing, commissioning, user training and o ̫ er repair or site support within 24 hours. An ABB service engineer inspects Heineken’s factory in Vietnam. IRB 660 robot solution by ABB will improve productivity and workplace safety at Cosmos Brewery. “We are delighted to be a part of Heineken’s impressive brewery expansion project in Vung Tau province. The power distribution systems being deployed by ABB can meet the most demanding requirements while enhancing the availability, reliability and quality of power supply to the facility,” said Mr. Brian Hull, Managing Director, ABB in Vietnam. ABB ̬rst supplied power distribution systems to Heineken in 2012 for the Da Nang brewery, then in 2015 for their Cambodia brewery and in 2017 for its brewery in Quang Nam. In 2017, ABB was also awarded a maintenance service package for the power distribution system at the Da Nang brewery. The successful execution of these projects and the clean record of safety delivered by ABB received high appreciation from Heineken and has strengthened the trust and partnership between the companies. )%$