Food & Beverage Asia Aug/Sep 2018

PROCESSING AND PACKAGING 48 FOOD & BEVERAGE ASIA AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2018 S ince 1980, Harinas de Mallorca has been manufacturing grain mill products. Based in Spain, the manufacturer primarily meets demand on the Balearic Islands, with its own production line for ̭our mixing and packaging. Today, Harinas de Mallorca is part of the Productos Fonanet S.L.U. Group, which also sells co ̫ ee, meat and feed in addition to ̭our. Up until just a few months ago, the maintenance work at the Harinas de Mallorca plant on Cami San Carles in Palma de Mallorca, the capital of the Balearic island, was carried out according to the speci̬cations listed in the index card ̬le. The maintenance of the plant itself took place according to the ‘break-down maintenance’ principle. In other words, parts had to break ̬rst before they were replaced by the operations in-house mechanic. Read on to ̬nd out how things turned around after the ̭our mill began utilising Bühler’s ProPlant Service Management System. New Time Calculation Bühler set up a modern, 3,150 ton silo and ̬lling plant for a variety of wheat flour types in 2016. After commissioning the plant, maintenance was done according to the ‘break-down’ principle. However, the management was aware of the risks they were taking by doing so and that the upkeep of a new plant following the ‘break- down’ principle of maintenance was not sustainable. In retrospect, CEO Mr. Guillermo Munar believes it was a generally unsatisfactory situation. “We were able to squeeze the last bit of use from some of the parts. But we also had to accept collateral damage and long, and often unscheduled, downtimes," he shared. To begin working towards preventive maintenance across the entire plant, the ̬rst step involved the use of the Bühler WinCos plant control system which monitors and controls both continuous and batch-related processes such as grain processing and animal feed production. Bühler’s ProPlant service management system would then be able to ride on this control system to ensure high operating reliability through accurate planning and management of scheduled maintenance tasks based on actual hours of operation. Mr. Munar revealed, “The installation of WinCos gave us our opportunity to expand the entire maintenance and upkeep of our plant with Bühler’s ProPlant system. A new period of time calculation thus CASE STUDY: HOW A GRAIN MILL PRODUCT MANUFACTURER IMPROVED OPERATION RELIABILITY Bühler shares a case study on how its ProPlant system, which is used by customers worldwide, allows the mill to perform preventive maintenance with less downtime, which saves money and increases productivity. Mr. Guillermo Munar, CEO of Harinas de Mallorca (right) and his son Mr. Toni Munar. By Mr. Blerim Lataj , Project Manager Customer Service, Milling Solutions, Bühler AG