Food & Beverage Asia Aug/Sep 2018

50 FOOD & BEVERAGE ASIA AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2018 FIRST LOOK Krones Staying On Top of Lubrication Plans Large Rotary Lobe Pump for Sensitive Products GEA Lubrication plays an important role in helping machines and complete lines reach high levels of e ̮ ciency. When all gear units, chains and bearings in a machine are properly lubricated, this will provide multiple bene̬ts for the line owner concerned because lubricants reduce friction, thus making for a signi̬cantly longer lifetime of the components involved. What’s more, a smoothly running line naturally performs signi̬cantly better. KIC Krones is now revolutionising the world of lubrication plans. This is because instead of printouts, the company has opted for an app solution that reduces the workload quite substantially: Time2Lubrify knows exactly when and where the next lubrication routine is due – and can be relied upon to remind the operators in each case using a push function. Navigation has been designed for intuitive operator control, guiding the employee directly to the lubrication points involved via the various systems and machines. A RAG display shows precisely whether the point in question must be lubricated today (red), tomorrow (amber) or in the near future (green). The operator can also use a ̬lter to sort the individual lubrication points by urgency. Time2Lubrify is very flexible in adapting to each line owner’s speci̬c needs. On request, KIC Krones will join forces with the customer to incorporate his entire line – irrespective of whether it consists of Krones machines or third-party kit. ̎ GEA is expanding its NOVALOBE pump range with the large-volume GEAHilgeNOVALOBE60. The robust rotary lobe pump is speci̬cally designed for pumping and dosing highly viscous media with large particles. The new pump can pump particles measuring up to 41 millimetres, as is necessary with fruit yoghurt or ̬sh and meat salads. The GEA Hilge NOVALOBE also embodies versatility and ̭exibility. All pumps of this line can be easily converted. Also, for it to be suitable for various media and pumping requirements, the pump experts at the GEA centre of excellence in Bodenheim have chosen a compact and robust design. Through the pump’s robust construction, the shaft overhang and clearance in the pump have been minimised. The pump’s compact design and the rigid shaft geometry reduce the risk of galling to an absolute minimum. A year of successfully ̬eld-testing the NOVALOBE 60 in a sugar factory confirms its strengths in daily operation: Production managers at the factory found it easy to operate the rotary lobe pump and wearing parts could be replaced without any retrofitting. The internal mechanical seals can be replaced from the front of the pipeline without removing the pump. These seals are lubricated and cooled optimally, thereby signi̬cantly extending the product service life. GEA ensures hygienic cleanability and sterilisation with its choice of seals, extremely ̬ne pored surface quality (up to Ra ˘ 0.4 w m) and complete drainability in vertical position. Ŷ