Food & Beverage Asia Aug/Sep 2018

AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2018 FOOD & BEVERAGE ASIA FIRST LOOK 53 Gericke Sacmi Gericke Launches New Centrifugal Sifter Sacmi CHS360 Sets the Global Standard for Tall Aluminium Cap Inspection The demands of modern processes are ever increasing and the new range of Gericke GS sifters has been speci̬cally designed to remain one-step ahead of these demands. The new range of sifting machine provides time-proven application technology, yet allows for rapid inspection, cleaning, change- over, repeatability, access and maintenance. However, the process of centrifugal sifting r e m a i n s m o s t l y u n c h a n g e d f r om the first machine concepts, whereby a paddle assembly rotating within a static hose is used to create a centrifugal force to push material against the sieve mesh and through pre-determined holes. Operational up-time ismaximisedwith features suchas improved360° in-situbasket inspection and time-frames for removing the basket assembly, replacing the sieve hose and basket insertion have been significantly reduced. Additionally; the orientation and location of the basket within the sifter is accurately repeatable and the basket ̬xing is simple yet robust leading to a more secure and accurately position basket. All of these features combine to minimise down-time, improve production, increase yield and maximise productivity. Similarly, Gericke have reviewed the methods for construction, fabrication, part procurement, assembly and testing, taking them back first principles, analysing where commonality of parts, standardised fabrications and dynamic construction can be employed. Ŷ Already a world-beating solution for in-line inspection of plastic and metal caps, the Sacmi CHS360 is steadily winning over customers in the wine sector too. No less than four such solutions have recently been sold for the inspection of tall aluminium caps, an ever-more popular closure in the wine industry as it provides better sealing performance than standard corks. The customers included two Chilean ̬rms. The ̬rst, the branch of a major US multinational, installed and started up the new system a short time ago. The second, a local ̬rm with 40 years' experience in metal cap manufacturing, was provided with two different machines. In Australia instead, the system was purchased by a leading Victoria-based producer of caps and crown corks for wine and beer products. The Sacmi CHS360 configured for the inspection of tall aluminium caps has also recently been enhanced with new features, including two cameras (instead of just one) with dedicated lighting to improve inspection of the seal. A further camera was incorporated to inspect decoration: able to capture two images in mere micro- seconds, it improves system sensitivity in detecting scratches and dents by assessing rḙections from the bottom of the cap, generally coloured gold or silver. Lastly, four lateral cameras inspect the decoration and anti-tamper band, bringing the total number of high resolution image capture devices to seven. Operating at up to 1000 caps per minute, the CHS360 module sets the industry standard thanks to high speed, precision inspection, now enhanced even further by the new features for this speci̬c con̬guration. Ŷ