Food & Beverage Asia Aug/Sep 2018

56 FOOD & BEVERAGE ASIA AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2018 FIRST LOOK Tetra Pak Festo Tetra Pak Enables Production of Yoghurt with Large Fruit Pieces Control Cabinet Installation Designed to Save Space Thanks to its expertise in ambient yoghurt processing, particle heating and a new Tetra Top system Tetra Pak recently announced that it has helped Yili, a leading Chinese dairy manufacturer, to produce the world’s ̬rst ambient drinking yoghurt with large fruit and cereal pieces. Yili launched the breakthrough product in Tetra Top ® 200ml with large re-sealable screw caps. It gained immediate popularity, strengthening the leadership position of the company in the fast-growing ambient yoghurt category. Mr. Charles Brand, Executive VP, Product Management and Commercial Operations at Tetra Pak said, “We are pleased to be able to support our customer deliver a premium product in a growing category. This has been made possible by our expertise in the entire processing and packaging process: our ambient yoghurt processing capability, the know-how of heating large food particles, and our ability to customise the packaging system. “The new Tetra Pak ® TT/3 AD ̬lling system has been designed to allow the particles to pass through seamlessly, and the new Tetra Top package uses a large re-sealable opening that makes it easy for consumers to drink the yoghurt with large fruit pieces.” Including large fruit pieces within an ambient beverage product is a challenging process. The heating of the product must be done carefully to ensure that the fruit pieces are not damaged or broken-down during the process, and the filling and packaging need to ensure even distribution of the fruit particles, keeping the quality and integrity of the ̬nal product. The global market for ambient drinking yoghurt is around 12.5 billion packages today, with quick expansion from China to South East Asia and the Middle East. The addition of large fruit pieces and cereal grains will further increase consumer interest with more premium products. Ŷ There is a growing trend towards ever smaller control cabinets, and control systems, remote I/Os and valve terminals from Festo are no exception. The modular control systemCPX-E and the universal valve terminal VTUG are now combined into one solution package which is more compact and cost-e ̮ cient than other control cabinet solutions. The modular control system CPX-E is an automated system for factory and process automation. It consists of individual function modules which enable a ̭exible, modular design: depending on the module combination, the system can be con̬gured as a purely remote I/O system with bus module or as a control system with control unit. The CPX-E's distinguishing features are its rapid signal processing and its compact assembly. The universal valve terminal VTUG has been specially designed for installation in control cabinets and to save space. Thanks to the new manifold rail variant, check valves and ̬xed ̭ow restrictors, the valve terminal is a true all-rounder in control cabinets. The topic of "simple installation" is self-explanatory: the installation of the valve terminal in a control cabinet wall with the new manifold rails means that tubing within the control cabinet is unnecessary. The variant with a front outlet direction has a clearly visible LED indicator and inscription label holder, enabling direct access to the manual override function. The practical hot-swap function allows individual valves to be replaced quickly during operation without the valve terminals having to be depressurised, which could result in production downtime. Ŷ