Food & Beverage Asia Aug/Sep 2018

SHOW REVIEW 60 T he 41 st edition of FOOMA JAPAN 2018 International Food Machinery & Technology Exhibition was successfully held from 12-15 June this year. One of Asia's largest general trade shows focusing on the food technology, it involved all food-related industries which exhibited cutting-edge technologies, products, services and more for automation and energy/labour conservation in food manufacturing processes and improvement of quality. The number of companies that exhibited this year exceeded that of the previous FOOMA JAPAN, breaking the record with 798 participating c o m p a n i e s . At the show, there were many demonstrations of actual machineries, tasting opportunities and active business negotiations. The press event held on 15 June saw tours being held at the booths of four companies, where participants received product explanations and had the chance to view live machine demonstrations. Firstly, Shinagawa Machinery Works Co., Ltd. showcased its tamago-yaki baker, a machine which allows manufacturers to be able to make 100 Japanese rolled omelette dishes an hour with quality on par with those hand-cooked by professionals. This dish is a favourite among tourists from abroad at Tsukiji market. Secondly, Nantsune Co., Ltd. displayed its New Orion pork belly folding machine and Jupiter high-speed, high-performance slicer in light of the growing popularity of shabu-shabu and sukiyaki outside Japan. These dishes are symbols of Japanese thin-sliced meat culture which is spreading across the world. Participants were treated to a ̬rst-hand look at Japanese thin slicing technology and the latest folding processor. The latest folding and processing machine automatically performs the work of folding sliced meat and placing it on trays, a job normally performed by three to four people. Thirdly, Kojima Giken Co., Ltd. demonstrated its MKT80 counter top skewering machine and MUV1 automatic all-rounder skewering machine. The culture of eating skewered dishes is well established around the world, and it is no overstatement that the burden of skewering work is a common issue faced worldwide. Participants will be able to view skewering machines with a track record spanning 40 years that reproduce the techniques of professionals and boast overwhelming productivity equivalent to the skewering work done by six to 30 people. Lastly, Toa Industry Co., Ltd. highlighted its fully-automated gyoza -making machine which can record an amazing production e ̮ ciency of 10,000 gyozas per hour when used together with a screw-type dough maker that can produce wraps e ̮ ciently. The expert manufacturer has been concentrating solely on producing gyoza-making machines for 40 years. Today, grilled gyoza dumplings continue to boast tremendous popularity overseas. At the luncheon meeting held after the product demonstrations, participants interacted with exhibitors over an appetiser of thin-sliced meat processed by a machine from Nantsune and baked gyoza dumplings produced by Toa Industry’s machine. FOOMA JAPAN 2018 Japan’s cutting-edge technology in food manufacturing and processing machinery takes the stage FOOD & BEVERAGE ASIA AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2018 )%$