Food & Beverage Asia Aug/Sep 2018

6 FOOD & BEVERAGE ASIA AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2018 NEWS WACKER Introduces Innovative Nutraceutical Ingredients to the Malaysian Market AAK Invests in the Philippines In July, the German chemical group WACKER presented its latest innovations CAVACURMIN ® and HTEssence ® for the ̬rst time to Malaysia’s nutrition food and nutraceutical industries. WACKER launched the o ̮ cial market introduction at its Second Asia Pacific Regional Food and Nutrition Seminar held in Kuala Lumpur. Around 50 industry representatives and public opinion leaders took part in this workshop that was jointly hosted by WACKER and its distribution partner for Malaysia, DKSH. CAVACURMIN ® , a powder-form curcumin complex with gammacyclodextrin, can be easily processed in food supplements, such as tablets, capsules and energy bars or functional beverages. Curcumin is a powerful antioxidant that has multiple positive e ̫ ects, for example on the immune system, but is not readily absorbed in the human bloodstream. With HTEssence ® , WACKER is producing the ̬rst nature-identical hydroxytyrosol free of unwanted byproducts and with a defined amount of active ingredient. Hydroxytyrosol is a highly e ̫ ective antioxidant found in olives with positive e ̫ ects on blood pressure, joints and the immune and cardiovascular systems. An additional focus of WACKER’s Second Asia Pacific Regional Food and Nutrition Seminar was on diabetes and pre-diabetic conditions, a topic of increasing relevance throughout Asia. Ŷ AAK has decided to invest in a customisation plant in the Philippines. The plant will be located on land owned by oils and fats re̬nery San Pablo Manufacturing Company in Batangas, approximately 100 kilometres south of Manila. “This investment is important for our geographical expansion and part of our company program The AAK Way”, said Mr. Torben Friis Lange, President of Asia. “This will strengthen our position in yet another important Asian market. The customisation plant will be closely located to many of our key customers and o ̫ ers very good inbound and outbound logistics for the Philippine market.” AAK’s main focus will initially be on solutions within Special Nutrition, Chocolate & Confectionery Fats and Dairy but the company will subsequently be able to supply speciality solutions within other segments as well. The presence in the Philippines is also expected to provide opportunities to strengthen AAK’s dedicated e ̫ orts within sustainable sourcing. The customisation plant will be operational at the end of 2018, after which AAK will continue to explore additional capabilities and opportunities in the Philippine market. Ŷ WACKER launched its innovative ingredients at the Second Asia Pacific Regional Food and Nutrition Seminar held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia