Food & Beverage Asia Dec 2018/ Jan 2019

INGREDIENTS FOOD & BEVERAGE ASIA DECEMBER 2018 / JANUARY 2019 27 test product performance, run stability and application tests and experience the ̬nished product with the support of IMCD’s scientists and technical managers. Right Technical Expertise “The biggest challenges are associated with obtaining the desired taste, texture and shelf life using clean ingredients. The advantage developers have working with IMCD are not only based on our expertise in speci̬c applications but also our knowledge on how various ingredients work together in a system and how they behave in di ̫ erent processes. We o ̫ er customised support to each customer via utilisation of our Centres of Excellence and Applications Laboratories,” revealed Mr. van Gerwen Today, IMCD has more than 40 laboratories globally including Food & Nutrition technical facilities and continuously invests in high-end technical capabilities to ensure operational excellence and added value for both its business partners and the society as a whole. The food ingredients distributor works in close collaboration with its customers’ research and development departments, c a r r y i ng ou t c omp e t i t i v e matching, sharing new application opportunities and assisting them in formulating the most e ̫ ective and innovative products. He added, “IMCD’s motto is “Value Through Expertise” and this is how we set ourselves apart from more traditional go-to-market channels: we help our customers formulate new products to address the latest consumer trends, very local to where they operate.” Bigger and Better in Time In the long run, Mr. van Gerwen foresees that with consumers increasingly demanding a deep understanding of how ingredients are sourced, suppliers that can demonstrate improved sustainability in terms of how ingredients and ̭avours are produced are likely to win out with the consumers in Asia in the future. Staying on the alert for continual changes in the industry and not compromising on quality of the services provided has played a crucial role in keeping IMCD on top of market forces. “IMCD has been able to keep on top of rapidly changingmarkets bymaking sure that we align ourselves with leading partners and employ only the very best food & nutrition experts in the markets where we operate,” he shared. IMCD intends to continue to building its presence and business in the region. “In Food & Nutrition, IMCD would like to be the partner of choice in Asia to all our suppliers as well as our customers. To achieve this vision, we will nourish our customers in Asia by following the market trends closely, understanding how they impact ingredients and applications and providing the support needed to overcome the associated challengeswithdevelopingproducts to meet these trends.” )%$