Food & Beverage Asia Dec 2018/ Jan 2019

Just like a car, the body’s engine needs fuel to power it. For consumers seeking sports nutrition for an active lifestyle, protein is an essential nutrient to drive strength, fitness and weight management. But not all proteins are the same. PROVON Whey Protein Isolate is the most effective, efficient and clean protein available. If your consumers want to feel like a Ferrari, power your products with PROVON . See what’s possible. Just add Glanbia. Whey Protein Isolate PROVON CFM ™ • /MV\TM ߦ T\ZI\QWV [a[\MU \PI\ aQMTL[ I PQOP TM^MT WN ]VLMVI\]ZML XZW\MQV • >QZ\]ITTa I TIK\W[M NZMM XZWL]K\ • *QWTWOQKITTa VI\]ZIT X0 IVL KIZMN]TTa XZM[MZ^ML JQWTWOQKIT IK\Q^Q\a • 6W KPMUQKIT[ R][\ ߦ T\MZ[ IZM ][ML \W KWVKMV\ZI\M \PM _PMa • <PM XMZKMV\IOM WN ¦ TIK\WOT]J]TQV ZMUIQV TW_ IVL ]VKPIVOML • >IT]IJTM JQWIK\Q^M KWUXWVMV\[ TQSM /58 ZMUIQV QV\IK\ • ;]XMZQWZ Y]ITQ\a _Q\P JM\\MZ IUQVW IKQL XZW ߦ TM UWZM KITKQ]U IVL TM[[ [WLQ]U The best fuel for your body’s engine