Food & Beverage Asia Feb/Mar 2018

News 8
Market Insights 18
Branded Functional Ingredients Reign as Top 2017 Trend in Foods & Beverages 18
Biting Issues 20
Natural Gum Offers Wide Range of Texture Capabilities 20
Welch's Concord Grape Ingredients Meet Growing 'Mindful Choices' Trend 20
BENEO Promotes Digestive Wellness with New Prebiotic Logo 21
Natural Preservatives Extend Frying Oil Shelf Life 22
Novel Process for Mouldable Gum 22
Naturex Signs Global Distribution Agreement for Koji Minerals Line 23
Ingredients 24
Smoke Without Fire 24
Clean Candies for Guilt-Free Indulgence 28
The Road to Innovation 31
On The Table 34
Expanding Opportunities for Dairy 34
Bridging the Gap 38
Power Up with Automation 40
Processing & Packaging 42
Automation as an Intelligent Pioneer for Growth 42
Keeping Conveyor Lines Moving 46
Food Safety Matters 48
Case Study: Krones Helps Beverage Bottler Enhance Microbiological Safety 50
First Looks 54
Combine Beverage Production and Bottling with Modulfill VFS-M 54
Highly Flexible and Reliable Steam Peeling Solutions 54
Ensure Clean Conditions with Lubrication-Free Pillow Block Bearing 55
Reliable Coating Solutions For Optimal Seasoning Coverage 56
Versatile Aseptic Combi Predis Enhances Production Flexibility 56
New Concept in Slicing for Higher Capacities 58
Full Customisation of Heating Solutions with Modular Portfolio 58
Achieving Astonishing Space Efficiency with Festo 59
Innovative Closures Built for Consumer Convenience 59
Economical Production of Shaped Contour Packs, Even in Small Batches 60
New Chunk Dosing Unit for Gentle Filling 60
Show Preview 61
ProPak Vietnam 2018 61
Bakery China 2018 63
Food Ingredients China 2018 64
Calendar of Events 65