Food & Beverage Asia Jun/Jul 2018

GNT BITING ISSUES GNT Makes Colouring Food with Food Easy I n Asia, the demand for a natural and healthy nutrition continues unabated. Food and beverages must be free from additives to please consumers’ wishes. When it comes to colour, concentrates from fruit and vegetables provide manufacturers with a perfect solution to both meet expectations on naturalness and create vibrant colours. Thanks to a new Group Standard on Colouring Foods by the China National Food Industry Association, which has come into effect on 1st January, manufacturers finally have regulatory certainty to give their customers what they want and recognise to be natural. At Fi Asia-China, to be held in Shanghai from 11-13 July, EXBERRY ® by GNT, the global market leader in Colouring Foods, will be on-site at stand N2E15 to show its solutions that fully comply with the Group Standard and support visitors in taking the next step towards clean labels. The colours from fruit and vegetables can be applied to all kinds of products including confectionery, dairy and bakery products, savoury applications such as soups or meat, as well as soft and alcoholic drinks. In the beverage market, consumers increasingly look for new and exciting drinking creations that fulfil their wishes for indulgence and attract the eye. Manufacturers can innovate their portfolio with completely natural and colourful solutions. At the show, EXBERRY ® will present its whole range for all kinds of beverages such as lemonades, ice tea or alcoholic drinks. Like all product lines, they are processed using only water and common methods comparable to those used in a domestic kitchen. “Today, food and beverage manufacturers need completely natural colours to create future-proof products and win consumers trust”, says Victor Foo, General Manager of GNT Singapore Pte Ltd. EXBERRY ® experts will be available to provide insights into latest consumer and colour trends, advise on the application of Coloring Foods and inform on the effective and trouble- free transition process from additive colorants. With delicious soft drink samples, coloured in different shades, visitors can not only refresh themselves but be inspired for creative drinking experiences. The booth will also demonstrate the concept “from farm to fork” – the complete vertical i n t eg ra t i on o f the supply chain which guarantees b e s t q u a l i t y and year-round ava i l ab i l i t y a t stable prices. ■ 22 FOOD & BEVERAGE ASIA JUNE / JULY 2018