Food & Beverage Asia Jun/Jul 2018

BITING ISSUES Advanced Lipids INFAT ® Named Infant Nutrition Ingredient of The Year I NFAT ® , a highly successful value-adding ingredient for infant formula, has been named Infant Nutrition Ingredient of the Year. The high-quality fat product is manufactured by Advanced Lipids – a joint venture between AAK and Frutarom. INFAT ® is a specially structured vegetable oil with high level of SN-2 palmitate, also known as OPO, it mimics the structure of human milk fat, and provides important benefits to the baby. At the Nutraingredients Awards, INFAT ® was named Infant Nutrition Ingredient of the year. In making their decision, the panel of eight industry experts noted the growing body of clinical research demonstrating its benefits for infant health. A study published last year found that babies fed with formula containing INFAT ® , cry less and sleep more. Another showed that it may have the potential to support healthy bone growth, and other benefits include better fat and calcium absorption, better comfort generated by softer stool, supporting healthy gut bacteria and better intestinal health which enhances the Infant immunity. Consumer awareness of these benefits has fuelled demand, particularly in China. Mr. Ronald van der Knaap, CEO of Advanced Lipids, said: “Both Frutarom and AAK are extremely proud of the expert team at Advanced Lipids who have contributed so much to scientific and consumer awareness of the benefits of OPO for infants and their parents.” ■ BENEO’s Palatinose™ Improves Fat Oxidation and Performance in Athletes: Study BENEO A scientific study by Professor Daniel König and his team at the Department o f Spo r t s and Spo r t Sciences of the University of Freiburg, Germany, has shown that with a pre-load of Palatinose™, endurance athletes “maintained a more stable blood glucose profile and higher fat oxidation, which resulted in improved cycling performance compared with maltodextrin”. The key to these metabolic improvements lies in the physiological properties of Palatinose™: as a slowly and fully available carbohydrate, Palatinose™ provides its energy in a more steady way, with a lower rise in blood glucose levels over longer time. These unique properties, as the authors explain, allow for “a greater reliance on fat oxidation and [the] sparing of glycogen during the initial endurance exercise”. The findings of the study illustrate that the type of carbohydrate consumed plays an important role for fuel flexibility and endurance. If high fat oxidation rates are wanted or required, for example for basic endurance training, or for key phases in competitive endurance ac t i v i ty, BENEO ’s Pa l a t i nose™ delivers clear advantages with its steady and sustained carbohydrate energy supply. ■ 23 JUNE / JULY 2018 FOOD & BEVERAGE ASIA