Food & Beverage Asia Oct/Nov 2018

E uropean poultry combines modern craftsmanship with full transparency, offering you solid quality assurance. Add the Belgian meat suppliers’ customized service – and you have the meat you want, the way you want it, when you want it. Fresh or frozen, whole, cut or processed: European poultry is your trustworthy alternative. Brought to you with from Belgium, in the heart of Europe. BREAST FILLET QUARTERLEG INNER FILLET PAW MODERN CRAFTSMANSHIP The Belgian poultry-meat suppliers stand out with an advanced hygienic approach and sophisticated automa- tion, while showing high involvement and extreme consideration. SOLIDQUALITYASSURANCE Food safety, animal welfare and trans- parency without compromise are the pillars of this approach, in line with the transparency of the EU production systems. CUSTOMIZED SERVICE The Belgian poultry-meat suppliers have the agility to offer customized solu- tions; all is set for a flexible, personal, rapid and trustworthy collaboration. EUROPEAN POULTRY BY THE BELGIAN POULTRY-MEAT SUPPLIERS 3 GOOD REASONS EXPORT FRESH & FROZEN (IN TONS) 537,837 PRODUCTION (IN TONS CARCASS WEIGHT) 452,935 SLAUGHTERING (X 1,000) 310,239 FACTS & FIGURES (2016) Source: Eurostat THE WORLD