Food & Beverage Asia Oct/Nov 2018

18 FOOD & BEVERAGE ASIA OCTOBER / NOVEMBER 2018 BITING ISSUES Arla Foods Ingredients Protein Solution Cuts Cream Cheese- Making Process from Hours to Minutes Arla Foods Ingredients launched one of the world’s fastest cream cheese manufacturing processes at Food Ingredients South America which was held at São Paulo, Brazil in August. Traditionally, cream cheese-making is a complex procedure that can take up to 20 hours and generates significant amounts of acid whey meaning it is inefficient, expensive and occupies valuable space on the production line. But thanks to a new whey protein ingredient solution from Arla Foods Ingredients – Nutrilac ® CH-7694 – dairies can now reduce the cream cheese manufacturing process to just 30 minutes while increasing yield at the same time. Developed in Arla Foods Ingredients’ application centre in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Nutrilac ® CH-7694 creates a cream cheese that delivers excellent flavour and texture. It is easy to handle and highly versatile, which makes it suitable for further processing into products such as cheesecakes and sushi. The key to the speedy production process is the elimination of the fermentation and separation processes. Not only does this dramatically reduce manufacturing times, but it also eradicates acid whey production and requires less investment in machinery. Mr. Aparecido Silveira, Global Marketing Manager for Dairy at Arla Foods Ingredients, said: “Our new high-yield solution is a great way for cream cheese-makers to cut costs and increase profits. It is particularly suitable for dairy companies looking to get into the category for the first timebecause it requires no extra investment in themanufacturing plant." ■ Botanical Solution for Oxidation Management in Lipid Emulsion Naturex has launched a new natural solution for food preservation at the IFT18 Expo. Called XtraBlend ® RN, it was unveiled as part of Naturex’s Clean & Clear Label theme, with natural colours, fruit powders, vegetable purees and oat flour also in the spotlight. EDTA is a synthetic agent used in food applications such as mayonnaise and other lipid emulsions to prevent the development of off-tastes and a deterioration in colour. Manufacturers today are seeking natural alternatives to EDTA in order to ensure their products are compatible with the trend for clean labels. XtraBlend ® RN is the result of a major research program conducted by Naturex that explored the chelating and free radical scavenging properties of more than 400 botanicals. Since they are familiar and clearly understood t o b e o f natural origin, botanical extracts resonate well with consumers. Ms. Catherine Bayard, Category Manager for Naturex, said: “In light of the trend for clean labels, it has become clear that a rethink on EDTA is now needed. XtraBlend ® RN provides the perfect plant-based solution to this dilemma, delivering similar oxidation management to EDTA but with a clean and clear label.” ■ Naturex