Food & Beverage Asia Oct/Nov 2018

FOOD & BEVERAGE ASIA OCTOBER / NOVEMBER 2018 BITING ISSUES 19 GNT Five Opportunities for Fresh Snacking: GNT Due to today’s increasingly hectic society, snacking is gaining in importance for consumers. People have little or no time to cook or to prepare food. But even when snacking in-between meals or on the go, food has to be fresh, appealing and satisfying. EXBERRY ® , the leading global brand of Colouring Foods, has identified the top five snacking trends to fulfil consumers’ wishes this year. Couch Potatoes Turn to Sweet Potatoes Due to the growing consumer concern for health and well-being, completely natural products are more in demand as compared to unhealthy snacks. Therefore, vegetable and plant-based snacks with ingredients such as beetroot are popping up more often on supermarket shelves. To create the fresh and healthy appearance expected by consumers it is important to colour them in a natural way. EXBERRY ® Colouring Foods boasts colour concentrates made exclusively from fruit, vegetables and edible plants. New Eating Experiences With international cuisine growing, consumers are embracing new experiences, leading them to exciting worlds of taste. But even the most exotic flavour is not enjoyable without an appealing look. Natural colours are indispensable because they influence taste experiences and are the primary indicator for quality and freshness. Comprising more than 400 different shades, the EXBERRY ® color portfolio offers all shades to create the perfect colour concept for any new flavour trend. Colour Takes Over the Internet Colour is not only required to support new flavours, it has actually become a trend in itself. The rise of social media has moved the importance of colour up a level. Creating these eye-catching concepts in compliance with the global health drive requires clever product design and technical knowledge. The experts behind EXBERRY ® can assist throughout the entire product development process, from colour matching to upscaling. Popcorn Becomes Premium Having already emerged some time ago, salty popcorn is experiencing a major boom. Gradually, the savoury alternatives are outstripping sweet popcorn options. Consumers have acquired a taste for premium creations, with unusual flavours and appealing colours. To provide premium solutions, brands have to deliver high-end ingredients. This means that additives and artificial colours are becoming a no-go. Meat Meets Needs Whenworkingout,theeffortneedstobeworthit. Toguaranteeoptimal nourishment, snacks such as driedmeat and fish bits are on the rise. When it comes to colouring meat, additives or nitrites are still commonly used, as there has until now been a lack of completely natural solutions available. However, these kinds of colourings clash with consumers’ expectations. Thanks to the EXBERRY ® Savoury Range, the first full range of Colouring Food ingredients for savoury applications is now available. ■