Food & Beverage Asia Oct/Nov 2018

20 FOOD & BEVERAGE ASIA OCTOBER / NOVEMBER 2018 BITING ISSUES :HOFK¶V *OREDO ,QJUHGLHQWV )UXWDURP New Grape Juice Solutions for the Wine Industry Liquid Curcumin Application for Functional Beverages and Sport Nutrition Grape juice supplier Welch’s Global Ingredients Group has embarked on a foray into the wine industry. The company has launched a Niagara grape juice solution that is designed to be a cost-effective but high- quality ̬ller or base wine for a broad variety of di ̫ erent wine styles. The Niagara grape is a white grape with a golden hue. It delivers a sophisticated ̭avour pro̬le that is crisp, sweet, light and refreshing and its juice is a popular ingredient in the juices and soft beverages category. Now R&D specialists at Welch’s Global Ingredients Group have developed a de-characterised version of the juice that is perfect for fermentation and blending with wine made from more traditional wine grape varieties and even other fruits. Juice grapes typically sell at a signi̬cantly lower price when compared to wine grapes, which means the new de-characterised Niagara is a perfect option for winemakers looking to reduce raw material costs without impacting quality. Welch’s Global Ingredients Group also supplies Concord grape juice to the wine production sector. The Concord grape is a distinctive dark purple grape variety with a sweet bold ̭avour and is suitable for making Concord wines or as a filler in select red wines where the unique Concord grape’s ̭avour and aroma notes are desired. Mr. Kevin Kilcoyne, VP & General Manager, Global Ingredients Group at Welch’s, said: “We’re excited to be expanding our capabilities to provide a cost-effective ingredient solution for the winemaking industry. This will be an important market for us going forward, and we have further winery-speci̬c innovations in the pipeline.” Ŷ With its eye on serving the Asia Pacific market, Frutarom Health, is expanding the regional focus of NovaSOL ® Curcumin, its turmeric formula. NovaSOL Curcumin signi̬cant popularity across certain regions, particularly Asia, but their appearance and ̭avour are not always very appealing. NovaSOL liquid is completely water- and fat- soluble, allowing formulators to incorporate it into beverages in lower doses for much better ̬nished-product taste. “We went the extra mile, leveraging our expertise in healthy ingredients, attractive natural colors, and appealing flavors,” explains Mr. Haazen, Product Manager of Frutarom Health. “Frutarom’s experts developed beverage compounds containing NovaSOL ® Curcumin in a concentrated syrup formula that can easily incorporate into beverage and provide a comprehensive solution of vivid colour and great taste. Ŷ opens new opportunities in markets such as sport nutrition and functional beverages for creating stable, clear drinks with high curcumin bioavailability. This has become especially important for serving Asian consumers, for whom convenience, taste and e ̮ cacy are in high demand. NovaSOL Curcumin is a liquid formula of solubilised turmeric 185 times more bioavailable than standard curcumin extract. It has become one of the most demanded curcumin ingredients in Europe. Developed by the German company, Aquanova AG, NovaSOL Curcumin has been marketed predominantly in Europe by Frutarom since 2013. Turmeric-containing drinks are gaining