Food & Beverage Asia Oct/Nov 2018

22 FOOD & BEVERAGE ASIA OCTOBER / NOVEMBER 2018 BITING ISSUES 1DWXUH[ Epi Ingredients Enters the Protein Ingredient Market with EPIPROT 60UL (SL ,QJUHGLHQWV 86'(& All-Natural Whey Proteins from U.S. Dairy an Essential Nutrient Source A research study carried out by Nielsen in 2017 revealed that 37% of consumers in Singapore prioritise the quality of ingredients when purchasing or consuming food. As part of ongoing efforts to showcase the importance of dairy protein intake for consumers, the U.S. Dairy Export Council (USDEC) released ̬ndings highlighting how whey proteins can meet growing demand for quality nutrients in foods and beverages in Singapore and the wider Asia region. Whey protein is a co-product of cheese- making, and can be added into food and drinks to boost nutritional content. A new study published in Nutrition Reviews suggests the bene̬cial e ̫ ects of consuming whey protein applies also to women, building “As the world’s largest producer of cow’s milk and whey ingredients, the U.S. dairy industry is uniquely positioned to help formulators meet consumer demand for sustainably produced, nutritious, functional, versatile, securely sourced ingredients specific to Southeast Asia’s needs.” Whey protein is a versatile ingredient that can be added to foods, suchas smoothies, yoghurt, oatmeal or beverages, as a convenient way to increase protein consumption throughout the day. To meet the tastes and preferences of consumers without compromising on quality and diversity, food manufacturers have begun developing innovative products that incorporate whey protein into various snacks, nutrition bars, baking mixes and more. Ŷ upon earlier well-demonstrated nutrition research supporting bene̬ts for men. In this systematic review and meta-analysis of 13 randomised controlled trials totalling nearly 500 adult women, researchers found adding whey protein to a daily diet improved body composition by modest increases in lean mass without iṋuencing changes in fat mass. Additionally, body composition improvements were even greater during reduced calorie diets, which suggest that whey proteinmay be especially helpful in preserving lean muscle mass during periods of weight loss. “Not all protein sources can boast these benefits, given differences in protein quality,” said Ms. Dalilah Ghazalay, Regional Director at USDEC Southeast Asia. Epi Ingredients is launching its ̬rst ever protein concentrate, EPIPROT 60 UL, a milk protein concentrate containing 60% total native protein. It is produced directly from fresh milk using a unique ultra-low heat process which allows for minimal denaturation and optimal functional & nutritional properties. It also preserves the 80/20 casein/native whey protein ratio unadulterated. EPIPROT Dairy proteins are considered high-quality proteins as they such as cheese, yoghurt, quark, beverages, nutritional products and more. As consumer interest in protein continues to grow, their new expectations in terms of sustainability, transparency, animal welfare and the like, are transforming the market and urging food, beverage and nutrition manufacturers to continuously innovate. “As a major food producer, we have a responsibility to contribute to people’s quality of life through our products. This is why we are fully committed to assist our customers by supplying sustainable, high-quality ingredients designed to tackle their current challenges as well as to meet consumers ever evolving requirements”, explained Mr. Mathieu Lucot, Marketing Manager at Epi Ingredients. Ŷ provide adequate amounts of all the essential amino acids as well as excellent digestibility and bioavailability, allowing the body to perform its countless functions ̭awlessly. The native protein EPIPROT 60 UL is the ideal solution for product developers seeking a highly functional quality protein source with outstanding nutritional properties. Not only does the ingredient o ̫ er superior gelling, emulsifying and water retention capabilities, but it also features the unique ability to provide enhanced creaminess and a rich mouthfeel in low-fat, high-protein applications. EPIPROT 60 UL also presents a superior nutritional pro̬le high in native calcium and low-lactose. This new ingredient is easy to use and can be incorporated into a wide range of applications