Food & Beverage Asia Oct/Nov 2018

INGREDIENTS 30 FOOD & BEVERAGE ASIA OCTOBER / NOVEMBER 2018 C onsumer demand is driving food manufacturers to find alternative ingredients to address challenges in food preservation. People are inundated with information on the latest health trends and expect manufacturers to respond to their desire for foods that are “better for you”. They also want to know that they are buying foods fromcompanies that are concerned about the planet and are striving to ensure the ingredients they are using are sourced from nature whenever possible. This has resulted in greater accountability from ingredient suppliers to closely manage their supply chain. Replacing Artificial with Natural In the past, food processors relied on synthetic antioxidants such as BHA, BHT, EDTA and TBHQ as an e ̫ ective and low-cost way to extend shelf life in their products. Consumers, however, are becoming wary of the chemicals added to the foods they eat, and as a result, processors are looking for natural options. Nature has provided some very effective natural antioxidants which can be used in the food industry as an alternative to synthetics in managing shelf life. Rosemary, for one, has been used in culinary applications for thousands of years, and studies on its antioxidant activity have been published since the 1950s. Today, it is the prevailing herb antioxidant extract in the United States and Europe and is growing in popularity in Asian markets. Green tea is another ingredient that can provide excellent protection against lipid oxidation in foods. Both rosemary and green tea are naturally derived and allow for a cleaner label than their synthetic counterparts. They have di ̫ erent solubility properties which allow for their use in almost any matrix including oil, meat and poultry, cereals, noodles and beverage. Safely maintaining the colour, ̭avour and aroma in food products was the ̬rst challenge facing food manufacturers in managing shelf life. Combined with the pressures for reduced waste, increased shelf life extension and the consumer’s desire to know from where their food is derived, these demands pose new challenges for ingredient suppliers to face. Today’s consumer wants to know where their ingredients are coming from and are more interested in buying products from companies that are concerned with ethics and sustainability. Food manufacturers are responding by expecting more traceability and accountability from their ingredient suppliers. Kalsec ® : Responsible Sourcing and Traceability As part of its corporate social responsibility initiatives, Kalsec employs responsible sourcing and traceability practices. For the past six decades, Kalsec has relied on farmers and suppliers in many regions of the world to grow and manufacture the raw materials needed for our portfolio of products. Vertical integration through plant breeding and direct control of our farms and ̬nal processing has resulted in successful improvements to the yields of many of our major crops. This reduces the amount of land, fertiliser, energy and water we consume, improves the quality of our ̬nished products and reduces costs. Take Kalsec ® rosemary for example. It is grown, harvested and processed in Southwest Texas in the United States. Through continuous natural selection, we have created improved varieties of weather resistant, stable and high-performance rosemary. By combining selectively grown and cultivated rosemary plants with decades of extraction and processing techniques, Kalsec is now able to produce a line of naturally sourced, rosemary-based extracts with the highest antioxidant activity through the retention of all the useful phenolic compounds. Herbalox ® Rosemary Extracts Kalsec ® has a full line of naturally sourced antioxidants that can improve shelf life by .HHSLQJ )RRG )UHVK ZLWK 3ODQW %DVHG ([WUDFWV With food producers facing increasing consumer demands for cleaner label options made from natural ingredients, Kalsec shares about its plant-based antioxidants on the market that are not only responsibly sourced but also help improve shelf life . By Mr. Gary Augustine , Executive Director, Market Development, Kalsec Herbalox® Rosemary extract products by Kalsec®