Food & Beverage Asia Oct/Nov 2018

36 FOOD & BEVERAGE ASIA OCTOBER / NOVEMBER 2018 ON THE TABLE 6WD\LQJ 2QH 6WHS $KHDG .URQHV KDV HQMR\HG ORQJVWDQGLQJ VXFFHVV IRU LWV R໤HULQJV LQ WKH EHYHUDJH LQGXVWU\ IRU PRUH WKDQ KDOI D FHQWXU\ 0U 5HJLV +HUYH +HDG RI 6DOHV &HQWUDO 6RXWK (DVW $VLDQ &RXQWULHV DW .URQHV 7KDLODQG &R /WG UHYHDOV WKH PDQXIDFWXUHU¶V IRUPXOD IRU VXFFHVV LQ $VLD 3DFL¿F K rones’ history as a manufacturer of ̬lling and packagingmachines can be traced all the way back to the 1950s, when the ̬rm was just starting out in the business. Today, the German ̬rm has evolved to be the world’s market leader in the business of producing machines and complete lines for the beverage industry. Boasting over 40 subsidiaries and 100 sites located around the globe, Krones has built up a strong network and accumulated decades of expertise in digitalisation, process technology, bottling and packaging equipment intralogistics and lifecycle service to support its customers holistically. Asia Paci̬c in particular, has been where Krones is continuing to focus on and strengthen its presence. Mr. Regis Herve, Head of Sales Central South East Asian Countries at Krones (Thailand) Co., Ltd. shares more on the importance of the region to the company. As Head of Sales, can you elaborate on the top F&Bmanufacturing challenges facedbycompaniesinASEANcountries today? How is Krones leveraging these market opportunities? RH: Our conversations with customers give us a sense of how di ̫ erent market trends influence customers’ needs. The market demands machines and lines that reduce operating costs, increase performance, increase ̭exibility and provide easy, safe and reliable operation. And there is a further aspect that will be important: The digitalisation of beverage plants. Technologies such as cloud computing, big data, smart data, and the Internet of Things hold huge potential. This is why we are already supporting customers with smart machines and customised IT solutions from two di ̫ erent portfolios – Krones software applications and SAP modules. Krones is not simply reacting to market trends; we always try to recognise them beforehand and o ̫ er the right solutions right on time. What strategies is Krones adopting to maintain its position in the industry as well as di ̫ erentiate itself from its competitors? RH: As a full-service provider, Krones is able to distinguish itself from most competitors. Our global service portfolio, which enables us to provide fast service to customers on-site is a crucial advantage and puts us in an excellent position. We intend to defend our strong position in our core segment and improve our standing in our two smaller segments. And there are some aspects, which are the basis of our success: specialised knowledge of mechanical engineering and the customer sectors involved, a technical lead over our competitors driven by continuously high investments in research and development, production facilities featuring state-of-the-art equipment operating at the most stringent of quality standards, and most especially the skills of our highly trained and motivated sta ̫ .