Food & Beverage Asia Oct/Nov 2018

G lobal manufacturer in specialty chemicals and advanced materials, Arkema is a strong force to contend with in three key business segments – High Performance Materials, Industrial Specialties, and Coating Solutions. As a designer of materials and innovative solutions, Arkema essentially helps shapematerials and innovate chemicals that accelerate performance for customers in industries including food, packaging, health, and more. With operations in close to 55 countries, supported by 19,800 employees worldwide, the industrial group continues to make strong progression through innovation, targeted acquisitions and investments in emerging countries today. Take for example Arkema’s acquisition of Bostik, the world’s leading manufacturer of industrial adhesives in 2015, which has helped contribute to its ambition of being a world leader in specialty chemicals. Ms. Nawelle Bahdenna, Marketing Manager for Glass Coating Activity and Ms. Veronique Obrecht, Corporate Media Relations Manager from Arkema share more about the brewing market in particular, and how the company is makingwaves with its solutions in the industry. Latest Brewing Trends According to Ms. Bahdenna, while beer consumption can vary from one region to another, beer production on the global level has been relatively stable for the past few years at a total volume of 1.95 billion hectolitres. Asia is especially a stand-out for being the largest beer-consuming market at present. She highlighted, “Craft beer is also a growing trend, enjoying an increasing market share in the market. Thus, brewers of normal beer have to find ways to differentiate themselves. In addition, sustainability and social responsibility are now common topics Arkema’s headquarters in Colombes, France 38 ON THE TABLE %UHZLQJ 8S D 6WRUP LQ WKH %HHU ,QGXVWU\ )RRG DQG %HYHUDJH $VLD V S R N H Z L W K $ U N HPD ¶ V 0DUNHWLQJ 0DQDJHU IRU *ODVV &RDW LQJ $FW L Y L W\ 0V 1DZHOOH %DKGHQQD DQG &R U SR U D W H 0HG L D 5 H O D W L R Q V 0 D Q D J H U 0V 9HURQLTXH 2EUHFKW DERXW WKH *URXS¶V VWUDWHJLHV IRU VXFFHVV DV ZHOO DV XSGDWHV RQ LWV SURJUHVV LQ WKH EUHZLQJ LQGXVWU\