Food & Beverage Asia Oct/Nov 2018

FOOD & BEVERAGE ASIA OCTOBER / NOVEMBER 2018 47 an inner diameter (ID) and wall thickness that meets the design requirements of the dispensing system. IDs that are too large will have a higher ̭ow rate, and IDs that are too small will have ̭ow that is too low. On the extreme end, if the wall is too thin then the pump cannot be primed or generate the vacuum on the back side to pull the media into the pump. Walls that are slightly too thin may not be able to generate pressure needed to dispense and walls that are too thick will cause excessive compression on the tubing, leading to particle sheading (spallation) and early failures. Aside from accurate sizing and tight tolerances, elasticity is also important with the peristaltic pump tubing being squeezed potentially millions of times over the life of the pump. Tubes have to withstand these compressions without crackling or having a signi̬cant drop in the ̭ow rate of the food or beverage. Elasticity gives the tubing the ability to consistently rebound and push the ̭uid out at a repeatable rate. Chemical resistance is vital as cleaning chemicals or even the food itself can cause effects on peristaltic pump tubing. These e ̫ ects can show most up most often as either absorption of the media into the tubing or extraction of contents in the tubing to the media. Either way, this is bad for the performance of the tubing in the pump. Both lead to a drop in the expected life of the tube. In addition, wear resistance is crucial because the pumping action on the tubing can cause the inner surface of the tubing to erode over time. This erosion can cause spallation i.e. particulate shedding, from the tubing ID. It is important that the tubing minimises these particulates to keep the food or beverage pure. Lastly, peristaltic pump tubing should not impart negative taste or odour into the food or beverage it is pumping. Tygon ® E-65-F: Taste- and Odour-Free Peristaltic Tubing Saint Gobain’s new food and beverage dispensing tubing solution has excellent flexural fatigue resistance, making it the best choice for peristaltic pump use. Tygon E-65-F was also designed to withstand extreme temperatures from -75°F to 275°F and will not crack or deteriorate when used in demanding food and beverage applications. Further, a sensory analysis conducted for an independent and objective party found that Tygon E-65-F has a taste-free odour-free pro̬le for applications with cola syrup and equivalent products. Benefits to Enjoy Both peristaltic pumps and peristaltic pump tubing o ̫ er essential bene̬ts to the food and beverage processing industry through hygienic performance standards, repeatability, greater accuracy, reduced downtime and lower maintenance costs. Additionally, compared to other tubing technologies, Saint-Gobain offers critical bene̬ts through superior performance and improved ̬nished product quality. PROCESSING AND PACKAGING )%$ Peristaltic pump