Food & Beverage Asia Oct/Nov 2018

FOOD & BEVERAGE ASIA OCTOBER / NOVEMBER 2018 FIRST LOOK 53 Emerson igus New Food and Beverage Leak Detection System Ensures Seal Integrity for Every Package New igus E-chain Concept with Dynamic Pins In response to industry demand for increased quality in food and beverages at every level, Emerson has introduced the Rosemount CT4215 Food and Beverage Leak Detection system. The Rosemount CT4215 is the ̬rst quantum cascade laser/tunable diode laser (QCL/TDL) continuous, inline detection system designed to help assure quality and safety, maximise production volume and decrease product waste for food and beverage products. The Rosemount CT4215 tests the seal and integrity of every bottle or package on a production line, detecting leaks at a sensitivity as low as 0.3 mm and automatically rejecting any defective bottle or package without slowing down production. This is in contrast to the traditional practice of testing occasional grab samples, which can leave a manufacturer vulnerable to low quality, unsafe food or beverages, reduced pro̬tability and damaged reputation. The Rosemount CT4215 installs directly on the food or beverage packaging line in a compact, self-contained unit. A wide variety of customisable sampling heads are available for any package type including trays, pouches, bags, bottles and boxes. The patented QCL laser technology measures CO2 and other gases used in food and beverage packaging. A high-̭ow vacuumpump draws air fromaround the package or bottle and delivers this air to the measurement cell. If gas from a leaking product passes through themeasurement cell, it will absorb some of the laser light. Less laser light reaching the detector means there is a leak. Any leak detected will trigger rejection of the package or bottle. For the ̬rst time, food and beverage packagers can assure that every package leaving their facility is of the highest quality and can eliminate the returns and penalties associated with defects, while enabling any production issues to be identi̬ed and resolved within minutes. Ŷ igus , the motion plastics specialist, has developed the lokchain, a new concept consisting of an e-chain with automatically extending pins and a compact guide trough for the dynamic guidance of energy chains. This allows hanging, vertical or side-mounted use of the systemwith or without lateral acceleration. Even long travels with a moving lower run are possible by ̬xing the lokchain in the upper run trough. The system can also be used in vertical circular applications. The ̭exibility of this e-chain o ̫ ers the user the opportunity to develop completely new machine design concepts. Due to the special construction of the lokchain, there is hardly any abrasion and wear, so the service life of the e-chain is increased. The prototype proved its durability successfully in an endurance test carried out in the 2,750 square metre laboratory at igus. Another advantage of the newe-chain system is themobility of the chain links. They ensure that the energy chain operates safely and quietly, even with small bending radii and over long travel distances. The new e-chain is currently in the prototype phase, which gives customers the opportunity to help shape the required size and design. Individual requests are alwayswelcome andwill be implemented quickly – from prototypes and small batch sizes up to volume production . Ŷ