Food & Beverage Asia Oct/Nov 2018

54 FOOD & BEVERAGE ASIA OCTOBER / NOVEMBER 2018 FIRST LOOK Festo GEA Modular Angle Seat Valves O ̫ er Flexibility and Reliability Vertical Bagger for High-Speed Packaging Flexible, robust and offering high performance – the angle seat valves VZXA from Festo control media flows quickly and reliably. Their carefully thought-out product architecture and patented interface enable valve bodies and actuators to be freely combined, thus o ̫ ering even greater ̭exibility in the con̬guration of applications. This unique interface between the modules means that the actuators can be replaced without opening the piping. The simple separation of valve bodies and actuators makes the installation of the valves in pipelines easier and faster. This advantage becomes particularly clear in the case of orbital welding. The spindle seal is in the form of a cartridge. It comprises a stainless steel sleeve with a pre-tensioned domed seal packing consisting of PTFE sealing rings and can therefore be replaced simply and reliably without the need for special tools. Angle seat valves VZXA consist of an angle seat valve body, a piston or diaphragm actuator and a visual position indicator. The ̭ow-optimised valve body made of stainless steel is available in the nominal sizes DN15 – DN65. Available connection variants include threaded, clamp and welded connections as per American and European standards. Stainless steel actuators are available in three sizes and with the control functions NC (normally closed), NO (normally open) and DA (double-acting). Th e ma x i mum op e r a t i ng pressure, depending on nominal size, is up to 30 bar. The larger visual position indicator is ̬tted as standard. Thanks to the transparent position indicator cap made of polyethersulfone (PES), the valves can be used in chemically aggressive environments. I n t e r f ac e s a re p rov i ded , together with internal channels for the operating pressure to allow the subsequent addition of positioners and valve control heads . Ŷ The new GEA SmartPacker CX250-S vertical form-̬ll-seal packaging system (VFFS) for high-speed packing of confectionery, snacks and nuts will be launched at PackExpo in Chicago from 14 – 17 October 2018. The new continuous motion bagger builds on the success of its predecessors and integrates new technologies, which makes it quicker and easier to use while providing increased production efficiency and improved bag quality. The jaws of the new GEA SmartPacker operate with an impressively high seal force – almost twice as high as the previous model – to enable gas-tight bags over a wider range of ̬lm materials. This gives manufacturers more ̭exibility, can help reduce ̬lm costs and ultimately improve the total cost of ownership (TCO). Also, the proven low-drop design between weigher and jaw-head enables compact and high-speed ̬lling and reduces the chance of damage to brittle products such as hard candy or crackers. In addition, the improved product-in-seal detection function helps production continue even if product accidentally fouls the seal area. If this happens the detection function automatically creates a double-bag to avoid contamination or damage to the sealing jaws or knife, ensuring that the process continues. Thanks to that here is practically no downtime and minimal product and film waste. Equipped with other features, the new GEA SmartPacker CX250-S overall provides the speed, efficiency and improved total cost of investment demanded by today’s confectionery and snack manufacturers. Ŷ