Food & Beverage Asia Oct/Nov 2018

FOOD & BEVERAGE ASIA OCTOBER / NOVEMBER 2018 FIRST LOOK 57 Bühler Twin-Screw Extruder Key to High Quality Bakery Products With ContiMix™, Bühler presented a continuous twin-screw extruder for the ̬rst time at iba, the trade fair for the baking and snack industry. The launch of the ContiMix™ underscores the integral way of how this new powerhouse of the bakery industry can serve its customers. It combines the mixing and the kneading process, making dough handling easier and more cost-e ̫ ective for customers. “Customers pro̬t from a more intense taste of the bakery products, higher volumes, and a better crumb texture,” said Bühler Consumer Foods Product Manager Mr. Stefan Hoh. Forno d’Asolo will begin production with their second ContiMix™ line as early as in December 2018. This novel extruder is ideal for the production of consistent laminated doughs for products such as pu ̫ pastry sheets, as well as for ̭at or shaped products. Various con̬guration options allow customers to rapidly make recipe-based adjustments to the desired dough specifications. Bakery products produced with ContiMix™ have a volume of up to 2,400 kilograms of dough and a more intensive taste. Furthermore, the continuous process makes it possible to eliminate any additional standing time for the dough and the associated dough handling, thus reducing the work̭ow for customers. Thanks to a greater dough yield of up to 9%, increased plasticity, and the elimination of additional process steps, the ContiMix™ allows direct savings. Bühler is further extending its solution portfolio for industrial bakeries with the JetMix™ hydration module. It is the ideal solution for producing hydrated doughs based on wheat or rye ̭ours. As a result, the mixing and kneading time can be reduced by up to 50%, translating into worktime and energy savings. Depending on the recipe, themodule achieves capacities of up to 8 tonnes per hour. Ŷ