Food & Beverage Asia Oct/Nov 2018

60 FOOD & BEVERAGE ASIA OCTOBER / NOVEMBER 2018 FIRST LOOK BOGE SACMI Complete Integrated Bottling Line Boosts Process E ̮ ciency Compressed air is in high demand. However, where standard solutions no longer meet speci̬c customer requirements, ̭exibility is called for. Leading compressed air specialist BOGE Kompressoren supplies tailor-made system solutions for plant construction. BOGE combines several compressors, dryers and ̬lters, and/or assembles entire compressed air lines specific to customer requirements, in containers or basic frame systems, so that users do not have to deal with complicated spatial planning when building a compressed air system from several individual components. The containers are also suitable for outdoor areas where they protect the plant from unauthorised access and extreme weather conditions, such as temperatures well below freezing. Thanks to special paint, the container shell offers protection from corrosion in aggressive environments if required. Valuable space is freed up in interior areas and production halls. Users obtain everything fromone provider with BOGE – from planning to installation of the container, ready for operation. Recently, BOGE successfully handled a major order for the operator of a natural gas compressor station in Eastern Europe. Two screw compressors, each with two cold and adsorption dryers and two nitrogenmembrane generators have been replaced in the 40-foot special container – including cabling and pipe work. The overall system provides nitrogen and compressed air at its deployment location. The user deploys the nitrogen as rinsing gas to safely clean containers for combustible liquids. Compressed air is used to control valves. It took only six months from the order being awarded to BOGE and delivery to Eastern Europe. Ŷ Compressed Air System Customised According to Needs SACMI is set to play a pivotal role at Allpack Indonesia, the 19th international food, beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic technology exhibition being held at the Jakarta International Expo from 17 to 20 October. The over 37,000 visitors expected to arrive from 40 countries will have a great opportunity to get a close look at SACMI's comprehensive range of beverage line management solutions on the Group stand (n° B1D010). SACMI is an all-round provider and plant engineer for every stage of production, from cap to container, from preform to label application, from ̬lling to palletisation. In Indonesia SACMI will be showcasing all the latest in our range, which combines ever-lighter, higher-performing caps and containers (by exploiting the full potential and intrinsic advantages of compression technology and using interesting new applications for the pharma and dairy sectors) with the advanced PET preform production platform with injection technology. A key SACMI hallmark is total integration of the production process upstream and downstream from the bottling line: to illustrate, SACMI has developed and launched the HEROBLOCK, the new complete all-in-one, integrated line that bypasses conveying and stop-over requirements, reducing costs, improving logistics and increasing process efficiency. Designed for medium output (from 16 to 32 thousand bottles per hour), HEROBLOCK responds to a precise need of emerging markets – which is to produce high performance containers by reducing bulk as well as power and raw material consumption. Ŷ