Food & Beverage Asia Oct/Nov 2020

INGREDIENTS FOOD & BEVERAGE ASIA OCTOBER / NOVEMBER 2020 31 of the reprocessed starch in combination with active ingredients can lead to cross- contamination. This can only be avoided by completely replacing the starch during each changeover. However, this is almost impossible to achieve and makes no sense economically. Another downside of the traditional manufacturing method is its lengthy production time. The drying time for gummies is approximately 24 hours, but it can be as much as 48 hours. The gummies have to remain in starch trays until they set, lose moisture and obtain the required texture for demoulding. As a consequence, large storage facilities with controlled temperature and humidity conditions are required, which, in turn, would require time as well as cost. To overcome the challenges of cross- contamination and time constraints, starch-free production offers a solution. This drove the partnership between Gelita, Hänsel and WDS to develop the production of gelatine gummies using a starch-free processing method. The innovative Fast Forward Process utilises reusable plastic moulds instead of starch trays, creating significantly added value for customers. Amongst other benefits, it vastly reduces material handling, avoids dust, resides and cross-contamination caused by the use of starch, and cuts production time to as little as one hour because it eliminates the need for lengthy drying and cooling procedures. The system also minimises production costs because starch trays can be replaced by reusable trays, and it simplifies the gummy fortification process too. Dr Margarethe Plotkowiak, head of global product management food at Gelita, explained: “Our Fast Forward Process technology reduces the time required to make a gummy from one day to about one hour. It also replaces starch trays with reusable silicone moulds, which enables a number of cost savings to be made. The absence of starch prevents dust, residues and cross-contamination when using different fortificants. Also, materials handling can be decreased significantly. “Plus, GMP [good manufacturing practice] conformity enables over-the-counter and prescription drugs to be incorporated into gummies, opening up new markets for the pharmaceuticals industry. For instance, manufacturers can place active ingredients like painkillers into palatable, easy to take products that are ideal for consumers who find it hard to tolerate tablets or capsules, such as the elderly and children. In short, our disruptive new technology marks the beginning of a new era in gelatine gummy production.” INGREDIENT SOLUTIONS Additionally, with its new Smart Technology collagen peptide range, Gelita has invested in new ingredient solutions to overcome dosing challenges such as those presented during the production of gummies fortified with collagen peptides. These specific collagen peptides also improve technology performance in multiple ways. For instance, they create less dust during production, storage and transportation, so handling is easier and less time and cost is required for cleaning. They also have better dissolution properties – adjustable particle sizes, improved wettability and dispersibility profiles, and higher overall bulk density allows the creation of high-concentration solutions. If a gummy requires the properties of gelatine as well as the functionality of Bioactive Collagen Peptides, it is now possible to achieve this with just one ingredient – the Gelita Hybrid Smart Technology (HST) range combines the best of both worlds. In addition, the range also offers collagen peptides with gelling properties. By harnessing all these features in one product, it eliminates the need to order, transport or store multiple products, enabling manufacturers to create new gummy supplements or extend existing lines without having to invest in new equipment. Another example is the production of beauty-from-within gummies. By using Gelita’s HST collagen peptides, it is possible to incorporate 2.5g Verisol bioactive collagen peptides in an adapted gummy recipe and thus deliver a confectionery- style snack that consumers can feel good about. With positive effects also for hair and nails, Verisol predominantly influences the skin’s collagen metabolism directly from the inside, increasing skin moisture and delaying the formation of wrinkles. Furthermore, Verisol supplementation has beneficial effects on the dermal extracellular matrix of the skin and can help decrease cellulite, a problem that affects an estimated 85% of the global female adult population. MARKET PRESSURE Consumers are now hungrier than ever to be as healthy as possible, and this is placing pressure on innovation cycles as well as time to market. Manufacturers therefore need more than just ingredients suppliers, and Gelita’s expertise now spans across technical support, process enhancement and recipe improvements. Most importantly, when it comes to fortified gummy production, the company’s technologists can suggest and supply tailored gelatines to meet the formulation requirements of its customers. Taking into account the desired properties of the final product, the other ingredients in the recipe and the available production equipment, each gelatine is chosen to deliver the best possible outcomes. Consequently, manufacturers can achieve gummy supplements with consumer appeal. This surely must be the end goal for all in a bearish market with rosy prospects. FBA This article is provided by Gelita.