Editor’s pickFood Washing Machine Cleans Gently and Effectively

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Tiger Kawashima Co.,Ltd. manufactures food washing machine AQUA WASH series, which has been used for cleaning various products in food factories, food service industry and the home meal replacement industry all over Japan. It is widely used for removing foreign matter found on leafy vegetables such as lettuce and meat, such as chicken and beef, as well as removing the ends of frozen tuna, slime and blood of marine products and salt from salt-preserved products.

The foodstuffs are washed gently and securely with the power of both water stream and foam. Leafy vegetables, root crops, fruit, meat, seafood and all sorts of foodstuffs are washed gently because of the “clear wave water stream”, our company’s original method of washing. The Aqua Wash records a 96% foreign substances removal rate. These substances can include insects or hog hair.

The “clear wave water stream” is realised by a single ejector shooting air, circulating water and tap-water at low pressure at the same time.  Shot zig zag from the ejectors on both sides of the washing tank, the water stream and foam strongly stir and wash the foodstuffs by rubbing and will enter the fine parts of the foodstuff and wash off all of the foreign substances.

Foreign substances of a relatively light weight will either be collected by the float catcher, or catcher net after being gathered by the washing water circulating in the washing tank, or tank net of the circulation tank due to an overflow. On the other hand, foreign substances of a relatively heavy weight will be deposited, brought together at the taper of the base and removed during draining. Thus, there are no worries for the foreign substances to get re-attached to the foodstuffs even when AQUA WASH is used continuously.