New stabiliser system that amplifies appeal of drinking yoghurt


Ticaloid BD-2910 stabiliser system from Ingredion gives drinking yoghurts shelf life stability with enhanced sensorial experience.

Ingredion has introduced Ticaloid BD-2910 stabiliser system which helps in creating think, creamy drinking yoghurts with a refreshing and smooth mouthfeel. This aligns with the demand for indulgence and address consumer expectations of drinking yoghurt. The stabiliser system aids in achieving this desirability by delivering protein stability throughout the product’s shelf life.

The drinking experience is a key factor that draws consumers to drinking yoghurts. The right stabiliser system can assist manufacturers in satisfying this requirement, as Anna Xu, regional growth platform leader, food systems, Asia-Pacific, Ingredion, explained: “In a segment with options aplenty, manufacturers have to pay attention to the finer details if they want to attract discerning consumers. This stabiliser system provides viscosity which brings smoothness and creaminess to the end-product – not just in terms of texture and mouthfeel but appearance as well.”

The launch of Ticaloid BD-2910 complements Ingredion’s food system portfolio, giving manufacturers more options in protein stability.

Shue Peng Law, director, business development and marketing, ASEAN and India, Ingredion, said: “We have noticed that consumers have been purchasing drinking yoghurts as they are perceived to be healthy. We want to help manufacturers differentiate their products with texture appeal, which enables an enjoyable drinking experience.”