Wacker highlights vegan food solutions at FiE 2019


The company’s CAVAMAX and FERMOPURE brands are some of the solutions Wacker has developed to serve the growing market for vegan food

No eggs, milk and meat – more and more consumers are forgoing animal ingredients. This is evident is several market studies, which confirmed that the number of consumers adhering to a vegan diet is continuously rising worldwide, particularly among younger consumers. According to Wacker, around 1.3 million people are estimated to follow a vegan diet in Germany alone, and this figure has been rising by an annual average of 15%.

Growing affluence, changing ethical awareness of animals and increasing health awareness are three key reasons underlying fundamental changes in consumers’ eating habits in recent years. Consumers have been demanding for healthy, sustainably manufactured products with no ethical concerns that are designed to their needs – and that pairs alongside without compromising quality and taste.

Dr Ulrike Fischer-Nägele, head of technical service at Wacker’s nutrition business team, said: “If it is to offer these kinds of products, the food industry needs powerful production methods and ingredients. With its CAVAMAX and FERMOPURE brands, Wacker offers innovative solutions that fulfil current market requirements.”

Vegan-baked goods with CAVAMAX
Under the CAVAMAX brand, Wacker supplies the food industry with cyclodextrins derived from plant starches. Wacker’s CAVAMAX W6 brand of alpha- dextrin offers manufacturers of fine baked foods a solution to replace eggs. In doing so, CAVAMAX W6 provides vegan baked goods with volume, elasticity and moisture, while yielding the consistency and taste experience that consumers expect.

“The emulsifying, soluble dietary fibre can replace eggs because it stabilises oil-in-water emulsions in cake batter as well as the sensitive pore structure of finished cakes,” Dr Fischer-Nägele explained.

CAVAMAX W6 is a water-soluble powder that is easy to process. Baked goods containing alpha-dextrin can be produced using existing equipment. Wacker further claimed that this would enable manufacturers to save up to 40% of their costs, if seasonal fluctuations in egg prices are taken into account.

As a customer of CAVAMAX W6, US-based bakery JP’s Pastry has utilised the solution to produce vegan cupcakes, muffins and cakes.

Joe Parker, founder and owner of JP Pastry, said: “When we used CAVAMAX, we had a perfect recipe after just three test runs. Nothing like the painstaking experiments with alpha-dextrin. Now we can make all of our products vegan – without having to sacrifice consistency of flavour.”

Cyclodextrins for vegan sauces and dips
Due to their multifunctional properties, Wacker’s cyclodextrins have a broad application range. In addition to vegan baked goods, CAVAMAX also enables the production of egg-free, mayonnaise-like products. The texture and mouthfeel of other vegan sauces, dips and spreads can be improved. With alpha-dextrin, animal-based and hydrogenated vegetable fats can be replaced by vegetable oils in cream toppings and glazes.

Cyclodextrins can also be employed for decorating fine bakery wares, where they can enhance the stability of these finishing touches and allow them to retain shape in warmer climates. CAVAMAX can also replace sodium caseinate, a milk protein used in the production of coconut milk powder. This enables the manufacture of vegan coconut milk powder, which is used in Asian cuisine and in beverages.

Vegan cysteine for flavours and baked goods
The conventional way to obtain the amino acid cysteine is to extract it from human or animal sources – such as hair, feathers and pig bristles – using hydrochloric acid. Wacker’s FERMOPURE vegan cysteine is based on fermentation process with a low environment impact. Manufactured from plant-based raw material, Wacker’s cysteine is halah, kosher and vegan, making it compatible for specific food requirements.

FERMOPURE products from Wacker are used to manufacture flavourings, particularly meaty flavours. It is also used as an essential component of baby and toddler food.

As an additive in baked goods, cysteine facilitates mixing and processing of doughs and batters, and has a “positive effect” on the end product’s texture and volume. The amino acid cysteine and its dimer cysteine are popular ingredients in nutritional supplements for strengthening skin, hair and nails.

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