Editor’s pickHow technology revolutionises the future of food and farming

The global pandemic brought about by COVID-19 has heightened a deep sense of food insecurity in many countries. The future of food became key political and economic hotspots almost overnight. Friedhelm Best, vice-president of the Asia-Pacific region at HIMA, provides his perspective into what the future of farming and food production might look like. According to a United Nations report, the …

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igus® - delta robot kit

For simple and automated pick-&-place and assembly tasks, igus® has developed the modular delta robot kit. Now new with calibrating pin for easy positioning at the zero point. It is directly fixed to the mounting hub and simplifies the initial calibration process.The cable clip for the delta robot was developed for the secure guidance of cables, e.g. individual pneumatic hoses, along the coupling joint. Easy to fit, lightweight.