Food & Beverage Asia Apr/May 2019

INGREDIENTS 24 FOOD & BEVERAGE ASIA APRIL / MAY 2019 F ood and Beverage Asia recently attended an International Press Workshop held by Wacker from 19 to 20 March together with 25 other journalists from around the world. This opportunity gave us a glimpse into the world that is Wacker, a Munich-based company and leader in numerous fields and industries, and its Biosolutions business division in particular. Generating about 5% of the Group’s sales, Wacker Biosolutions is one of the four business divisions operated by Wacker offering tailored and innovative solutions and products based on advanced biotech processes for the food, pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries. These offerings include cyclodextrins, fermentation- generated cysteine, pharmaceutical proteins as well as catalog chemicals. Wacker Records Healthy Growth On the first day of the tour, at Wacker’s Munich headquarters, participants attended the company’s annual press conference, followed by an international press workshop. Dr. Gerhard Schmid, President of Wacker Biosolutions kicked off the event on a positive note by reporting on the business division’s growth of an average of 9% a year since 2009. Since 2010, Wacker Biosolutions has continued to focus on expanding its range of biotech products and processes as well as offer its customers not only innovative products, but also customised solutions that help them overcome challenges. Mr. Schmid highlighted the healthy food trend, for example, which is seeing consumers on the lookout for foods such as egg-free cakes or vegan food. As a partner to the industry, Meeting Consumer Demands with Biotech Solutions Wacker’s Biosolutions division continues to focus on its range of cysteine and cyclodextrins amid demands for healthy and tasty food options. Cyclodextrins can be used in food production in a wide variety of ways: they protect valuable ingredients during processing and storage, improve the aroma and flavour of food by masking unwanted or overpowering flavors, stabilise creamy emulsions and improve the texture and consistency of spreads and frostings. (Photo: Wacker Chemie AG)