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H ealthy ageing starts from the moment we are born. It is a lifelong effort, with our eating and lifestyle habits strongly influencing the way we age. But what exactly is “healthy ageing”? It effectively means preventing non- communicable diseases (NCDs) or delaying the onset of complications that NCDs bring by prevention-oriented eating. For example, to prevent osteoporosis, consumers look for food that support an increase in calcium uptake. Another popular option to a healthier future is by including lower glycaemic options as a way to better- manage blood sugar levels. There is a common misconception that NCDs only affect the elderly, or are only serious at the later stages of life. However, that is not the case. While NCDs tend to manifest in adulthood, many of the behaviours leading to these diseases are developed during childhood and adolescence 1 . The good news is that these diseases are often preventable, with appropriate health interventions through better nutrition. Even small changes can have a big impact. For example, favourable lifestyle habits like regular exercise and a healthy diet can reduce heart disease risk by nearly 50% 2 . With that in mind, the importance of health and nutrition has never been higher. Nutritional needs change as people age. Christian Philippsen , managing director at Beneo, discusses the most important nutrients needed in overall health management, and how food manufacturers can play an active role in meeting these needs by providing more natural, functional food ingredients with proven health benefits. INGREDIENTS 28 FOOD & BEVERAGE ASIA APRIL / MAY 2021 Eating right: The key to better health at every stage of life