Food & Beverage Asia Dec 2018/ Jan 2019

INGREDIENTS 26 FOOD & BEVERAGE ASIA DECEMBER 2018 / JANUARY 2019 Getting recipes Rightwith IMCD F ounded in 1995, IMCDmay be considered a young company but the speciality chemicals and food ingredients distributor has already made a name for itself globally with presence in more than 45 countries and strong overall growth recorded last year. The years have seen the Netherlands- headquartered company build up a strong base of customers, some of which are major global producers, and a comprehensive portfolio comprising thousands of innovative products. Today, the ̬rm’s winning portfolio, long-standing experience and extensive market and application knowledge make it easy for IMCD to go the extra mile to provide advice on formulation, production process, application and o ̫ er optimised tailored solutions, in addition to its role as a distributor. Staying Trendy is Key IMCD is known for its strong focus on being the ̬rst to anticipate and respond to the very latest trends. The team analyses current market trends and proactively o ̫ ers innovative solutions for the constantly developing and demanding markets in which it operates. According to Mr. van Gerwen, “Asian consumers now increasingly want clean label ingredients that are sourced sustainably, like what we have seen in mature markets for some time. On top of that, convenience is the biggest trend that has become more pronounced in the region because the daily commute is longer than anywhere else in the world. In terms of ̭avours, we see quite unique preferences which are totally local within the vast geography of Asia. For example, cheese ̭avoured ice-cream is very popular in Indonesia, but might not work in other parts of the continent.” Armed with this knowledge, IMCD organises workshops and seminars for its customers, either to introduce a new product to them, investigate a new trend in the market or to look into material alternatives for their production processes. “It is via trends speci̬c seminars and insightful food demo kits that we show market insights and related solutions to our customers and bring formulation support ̬tting their actual needs. For example, to develop clean label products that are convenient, formulators often encounter challenges with factors such as dispersion, emulsi̬cation, freeze-thaw stability, shelf life, and mouthfeel, just to name a few.” Customers are given access to IMCD’s laboratories to enable them to Achieving the right taste and texture is easier said than done says Mr. Marc van Gerwen – Business Group Director Food & Nutrition, IMCD Group. He shares more on how IMCD continues to pave the way for formulators with its expertise and capabilities. Mr. Marc van Gerwen