Food & Beverage Asia Dec 2020/ Jan 2021

A fter a brief hiatus, physical trade events like ProPak Asia finally made its return on 20-23 Oct 2020 in Bangkok, Thailand. One exhibitor at the show was Sidel which showcased its sustainable end-to-end packaging innovations, designed in the spirit of circular economy. For instance, the next- gen Super Combi Compact is said to allow for a footprint reduction of up to 30% compared to the previous Super Combi model. At the same time, this solution also features efficiency enhancement for still drinks production due to the new filling technology of the Sidel EvoFILL HS Still, which ensures a 30% faster filling performance. Super Combi Compact is integrated with five process steps – preform feeder, blower, labeller, filler/capper and cap feeder – into a compact and smart system that delivers continuous performance of up to 54,000 bottles per hour. Furthermore, the new Sidel EvoFILL HS Still filler is packed with with proportional filling valves, controlled by electro-magnetic actuators, thus ensuring hygiene and control of the complete filling cycle. EvoFILL HS Still can also be equipped with an Internal Cleaning System (ICS), minimising water and chemical consumption for internal cleaning. Another highlight at the Sidel booth was the Combi BD. The system incorporates features of the Sidel EvoBLOW and EvoDECO technologies with an integrated configuration for fast, safe manufacturing and decoration of premium or lightweight polyethylene terephthalate (PET) packaging at up to 48,000 bottles per hour. Performance through Understanding: Recovery signs despite looming pandemic In a year loomed under the COVID-19 pandemic, travel and supply chains are among some of the most heavily impacted. From lockdowns to event postponements and the struggle to stock-up necessities on empty supermarket shelves – the pandemic exposed almost all the weaknesses in supply chains for businesses. Food & Beverage Asia speaks with Dominique Martin, vice-president for beverage equipment sales, South East Asia and Pacific, Sidel, who recently concluded a physical exhibition at ProPak Asia after a hiatus, and how the company has adapted to ensuring business as usual for its customers during the pandemic. The Sidel Super Combi Compact PROCESSING AND PACKAGING FOOD & BEVERAGE ASIA DECEMBER 2020 / JANUARY 2021 37