Food & Beverage Asia Feb/Mar 2020

PROCESSING AND PACKAGING 42 FOOD & BEVERAGE ASIA FEBRUARY / MARCH 2020 A s an independent brewery, Bali Hai Brewery Indonesia has been developing and distributing a range of beer brands for the national and international markets since 1975. Daniel To, Technical Director at Bali Hai, explained, “Currently, our products are sold in more than 20 countries, including Russia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, South Korea and New Zealand, as well as different regions of Africa. While capturing the opportunities offered by a consumer demand that is continuously increasing, we are committed tomaintaining the consistent taste and quality of our beers.” With a domestic market share of 3.2% in 2018, the family-owned company is the fourth largest domestic brewery and the first behind global brands, offering a portfolio that speaks to the consumers’ increasing preference for local as well as premium beer brands, said Sidel. These include Bali Hai Premium, Draft Beer, El Diablo Original and Panther Black. Regardless of the strong Indonesian regulations to control alcoholic drink consumption, the beer segment in the country is showing a positive trajectory: It is set to register a 7% total volume CAGR to reach 324million litres by 2023. To keep up with this growth, Bali Hai invested in a large-scale project, and opted to partner with Sidel for the first time. The journey startedwhenBali Hai undertook a major renovation and automation of their brewhouse and cellar area in 2013, when many processes were still performed by manual labour. As part of their investments in the past few years, they also upgraded their canning line, managing 330ml and 500ml formats, to fit their needs for higher efficiency. This is where Sidel stepped in with their expertise in line design and engineering, deriving from the heritage in complete solutions for beer. The Indonesian player was offered a layout and equipment choice accommodating their needs for secured quality, while opening doors to additional capacities and being prepared for future challenges. 360 o support rooted in complete beer line expertise The project started with the search for the right location within the site, while taking into consideration the need for additional capacity. To said, “The floor space available at our plant is limited; therefore, we needed a very compact solution that did not compromise on efficiency and flexibility. Despite the fact that we were initially planning a line delivering 24,000 cans per hour (cph) for the 500ml format, we eventually trusted Sidel’s engineers and went for a complete line that is able to reach up to 29,000 cph, thus securing high capacity production for the coming years.” There were a number of reasons for the Indonesian brewer to place their confidence for such a large-scale revamping in Sidel, as To elaborated, “Firstly, we appreciated the local service support as well as the time that the team took to understand and analyse our requirements. Thanks to their highly competent and responsive engineers, the installation of the line was completed in a short period of time.” At the moment, Bali Hai has the possibility to run the new canning line in three shifts, while the old one only allowed for a maximum of two. Filling and pasteurising systems for full control of beer quality The Sidel complete canning line includes 13 different machines, laid out in six larger production modules: the de-palletiser, the filler and seamer, the pasteuriser, the dryers, the shrink-wrapper and the tray shrink-wrapper, plus conveying systems. Bali Hai’s goal of protecting beer quality was mainly achieved through the integration of two specific solutions in the line: the latest Sidel volumetric electronic filler for cans, and the Pama pasteuriser. When explaining the rationale behind the choice of the filler, Blegog Sugiono, Packaging Manager at Bali Hai, highlighted, “We opted for the Sidel filling technology largely because of the very low total oxygen pick-up it ensures, which ultimately leads to high product quality. Plus, we now use a volumetric technology, so as to guarantee that our cans all have the intended quantity of product when reaching the shelf.” The installed Pama pasteuriser, which features Sidel’s Prince Plus software, for control of the Pasteurisation Unit (PU), was designed around Bali Hai’s requirements. “We decided to install this system to have a constant level of quality and consistent taste across our beers. Specifically, we have been able to further cool down the Bali Hai trusts Sidel’s complete can line for greater capacity and preserved beer quality A growing market for beer has led Bali Hai Brewery Indonesia to install a new canning line, accommodating a higher production capacity while securing quality of their premium beers. Designed and supplied by Sidel, the line runs up to 33,000 cans per hour for the 330ml format, twice as fast as the former one, and features a compact layout, thus overcoming the Indonesian brewer’s space constraints.