Food & Beverage Asia Feb/Mar 2021

T he challenging 2020 has caused a fundamental reset in human behaviour. Recognising this transformation, Mintel identified three key trends for the global food, drink, and foodservice industries, including analysis, insights, and recommendations centred around the ‘now’ (next 12 months), the ‘next’ (18 months and over), and the ‘future’ (five years and beyond) of consumer behaviour. • Feed the Mind: Innovative food and drink formulations will offer solutions for mental and emotional well-being that will create a new foundation for healthy eating. • Quality Redefined: Brands will be challenged to respond to new definitions of trust, quality and “essential”. • United by Food: Food and drink brands can balance a person’s need to feel special with the desire to be part of communities of like-minded individuals. Looking ahead, Daisy Li, associate director, Mintel Food & Drink, discussed how shifts in consumer behaviour related to well- being, value, and identity will inspire formulation, packaging, marketing, and more in the years to come. FEED THE MIND In 2021 and beyond, expect to see food, drink, and foodservice brands offer moments of respite through product rituals and formulations that enhance stress relief activities. As the singular focus of avoiding COVID-19 fades, people will make more serious commitments to reduce the health risks associated with unhealthy eating, become more interested in mindful and intuitive eating, and seek proof and incentives through the use of technology. “The COVID-19 global pandemic has made consumers recognise that well- being is a vital concern. In the coming years, consumers will be looking for more products and services that offer mental and emotional health benefits,” Li said. “Functional formulation and emotionally engaging multi-sensory products will help food, drink, and foodservice brands THE NOW, NEXT, AND FUTURE OF THE GLOBAL FOOD AND DRINK INDUSTRY FOOD & BEVERAGE ASIA FEBRUARY / MARCH 2021