Food & Beverage Asia Jun/Jul 2019

INGREDIENTS 22 FOOD & BEVERAGE ASIA JUNE / JULY 2019 P izza has become one of the world’s most popular foods. Wherever you go, you’ll find people of all ages enjoying it as a delicious snack or complete, satisfying meal. Made fresh by hand or industrially par-baked and served with different toppings, today’s market offers a whole range of pizza types. Recent trends are also broadening the pizza landscape, expanding both the producers’ and the consumers’ options. Flaked Fats in Pizza Production While the market for pizza is big, however, there are many challenges that come with pizza production as there are numerous factors to consider – such as the type of cheese and toppings used. Among these considerations, getting the right texture and mouthfeel of pizza crusts ranks high in importance. According to Mintel’s 2018 report on innovation in pizza and pies, pizza crusts are high on consumers’ minds when choosing which pizza to buy. The type of fats in the crust can determine the crust’s texture such as shortness of bite, toughness and crispiness. Other attributes such as the appearance of the pizza, the way the oil from the dough seeps out into delivery cardboard boxes and more are also dependent on the fats in use. Fat is an essential part of baked goods, playing scientific roles in how it causes the dough to rise and taste. Different types of fats function uniquely and affect the final product in different ways. Flaked fats by AAK, the expert in innovating and customising solutions based on vegetable oils and fats, are solutions designed to enhance the texture, flavour and functionality of a pizza. The type of fats used in baked products such as pizzas has the ability to affect its texture, flavour, functionality and production efficiency. FLAKED FATS IN ACTION P h o t o C r e d it : A A K