Food & Beverage Asia Jun/Jul 2020

S pitz’s premises are located on the outskirts of the small town of Attnang- Puchheim in Upper Austria, and houses a production facility that produces over 12,000 different products that are integral parts of people’s culinary staples. The food and beverage producer is now managed in the third generation by Walter Scherb jun. The roots of this company, founded in 1857, lie in liqueur and schnapps production. After being taken over by the Scherb family in the 1950s, it ventured into the spirits and fruit juice sectors, and syrups as well. In the next few decades, Spitz expanded its product range and added sauces, jams, bread and pastries to its portfolio. In the Beverage Division alone, around 10 million containers leave the plant in Attnang-Puchheim weekly – cans account for roughly half this figure, while Spitz also produces beverages in around three million polyethylene terephthalate (PET) containers and about one million each of glass bottles and cartons. “In recent years, we’ve been observing a definite trend: the demand for energy drinks, juices and iced tea is unbroken, so our only aseptic was even running in four shifts,” explained Rudolf Holzinger, who is responsible for production in the Beverage Division at Spitz. To avoid production bottlenecks in the busy months of summer, Spitz had to invest in additional filling capacities. This drove Spitz to contact Krones, since the two companies have a long history of successful collaboration. The firm installed its first Krones filler back in the 1980s; the first major shared product was a wet-aseptic line in 2005. And it was the performance of this line that induced Spitz to opt once again for aseptic technology from Krones, as Holzinger added, “When it comes to aseptics, trust is crucial. Looking back, choosing Krones 13 years ago was the right decision, since so far we haven’t had any major microbiological problems.” Prior experience with Krones’ aseptics Installation work for the new line commenced in April 2019, and it went into operation in August. Holzinger elaborated, “Summer is traditionally the holiday season. But thanks to the hard work and commitment of everyone involved, we nonetheless got the commissioning completed smoothly.” Performative excellence for aseptics From sliced bread and barbeque sauces all the way through beverages – the portfolio of food and beverage producer Spitz in Upper Austria is diversified. The company produces not only numerous brands of its own but also an array of dealer’s brands for food and beverage retailers. The demand for energy drinks, juices and iced tea are particularly high, which drove Spitz to invest in a new dry-aseptic line from Krones. FOOD & BEVERAGE ASIA JUNE / JULY 2020