Food & Beverage Asia Oct/Nov 2018

16 FOOD & BEVERAGE ASIA OCTOBER / NOVEMBER 2018 MARKET INSIGHT C olour is one of the most important characteristics of food and beverages, as it is a key indicator of a product's taste, quality and freshness. Furthermore, colour di ̫ erentiates products and catches consumers’ attention on supermarket shelves. Its signi̬cance is expressed by one simple statistic: 75 per cent of a consumer’s ̬rst impression of a product is based on colour alone. At the same time, consumers are now paying more attention to the ingredients in food and beverages because they place a high value on healthy, natural products. In fact, completely natural products are fast becoming the industry standard. Move to Natural Consumers today prefer natural food and beverages, and check product labels to ensure they deliver on this. When it comes to colour, the market will only move in one direction: from additive colourants to truly natural solutions. The naturalness trend is evenmoving to the next level: consumers are increasingly concerned not only about the naturalness of ingredients but also of the methods used to process foods. This is now resulting in a revival of traditional processes. In this respect, Colouring Foods are also most convincing: their production process is comparable to common householdmethods used in a domestic kitchen. Rawmaterials are chopped, pressed, boiled and ̬ltered using water; no organic solvents or chemicals are used. This is a key di ̫ erence between Colouring Foods and additive colours. Eye-Catching Colours in Demand 2018 is de̬nitely the year for purple. Associated with health and wellness, it perfectly unites market developments with consumer demands – in hues as diverse as magenta, violet, lilac or plum. Across practically every product category, EXBERRY ® Purple by GNT, for example, has the potential to deliver outstanding products in practically every shade. Beyond the purple trend, food and beverage creations have generally become more colourful and eye-catching throughout the last few years, with unicorn- or galaxy-themed products being just two examples. According to market research institute Innova Market Insights, ‘Say it with Colour’ is one of the top 10 trends for 2018. Consumers are increasingly searching for indulgence and exciting new creations, particularly if they have attractive colours. But all these colourful creations have to be completely natural to satisfy today’s demanding consumers. Achieving Clean Labels Colour concentrates from fruit, vegetables and edible plants are the only completely natural way to colour food and beverages. GNT’s EXBERRY ® Colouring Foods deliver high-performance colours made exclusively By Mr. Victor Foo , General Manager of GNT Singapore Pte. Ltd. EXBERRY® Colouring Foods guarantee outstanding quality and availability.