Food & Beverage Asia Oct/Nov 2018

FOOD & BEVERAGE ASIA OCTOBER / NOVEMBER 2018 Dairy Protein in the Spotlight INGREDIENTS 26 A s a leading global distributor of speciality chemicals and food ingredients, Azelis is uniquely positioned to have its pulse on the ups and downs of industry trends and market segments. Rising demand for dairy proteins among consumers, in particular, has stood out for Azelis. Dairy proteins have been growing in popularity for being high-quality sources of complete proteins containing all essential amino acids. Proteins form an important part of a balanced diet, regardless of one’s lifestyle, age, weight and circumstances. However, protein quality matters too as not all proteins contain su ̮ cient amount and type of essential amino acids required to achieve adequate nutrition. In the following paragraphs, this trend will be further explored by Ms. Aurore Chemineau, Senior Product Manager, Ingredia SA and Mr. Conrad Bucheleres, Managing Director of Azelis China. Trends to Watch The nutritional products space is largely shaped by the needs and wants of consumers, which are constantly evolving. Ms. Chemineau shared, “Nutrition markets, especially sport, clinical and weight management, are faced with changes in Ms. Aurore Chemineau, Senior Product Manager, Ingredia SA With dairy proteins rising in popularity for its nutritional benefits and its applications in food and beverages widening, Azelis and Ingredia discuss changing attitudes towards the ingredient and its potential.