Food & Beverage Asia Oct/Nov 2020

Sidel celebrates 40 years of blowing and packaging expertise for PET containers It was 40 years ago when Sidel launched its first commercial blower to produce polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles for the beverage industry. The company has also been supplying PET packaging solutions for the food, home and personal care (FHPC) markets to meet the changing consumer demands. Calling PET “the optimal sustainable material for packaging”, Sidel will continue to support the market in the use of PET through its PET packaging and engineering expertise, combined with package design and blowing process capabilities. I n 1980, Sidel introduced its first commercial production solutions to package beverages in PET – the bi- oriented blowing (SBO) blower for carbonated soft drinks (CSD). The company has driven many performance improvements in polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottling technology that cover all beverage and food, home and personal care (FHPC) categories, achieving advances in the productivity of complete lines ever since. Guillaume Rolland, vice-president for PET and sensitive products portfolio at Sidel, outlined the development of EvoBLOW, the latest generation blow-moulder by Sidel, and said: “Our underlying objectives are answering industry requirements in terms of best-in-class product integrity and superior package quality as well as providing maximum efficiency, lower total cost of ownership, and sustainable competitiveness. Another key target is to ensure optimised production flexibility, allowing easy handling of multiple stock- keeping units (SKUs) and focusing on energy savings, and the reduction of raw materials’ consumption to minimise the environmental impact.” To make the most of the EvoBLOW, its integrated equipment intelligence and responsive management lead to continuous production optimisation and improved maintenance services. It combines reactive automation with technologies of connected machines and data analytics. Enhanced bottle quality can be reached with the blowing process A timeline of Sidel’s innovations in PET packaging and blowing control and self-regulation solution, IntelliBLOWER. It automatically detects and eliminates bottle process deviations to ensure production consistency and quality. EXPANDING PACKAGING INNOVATION AND PERFORMANCE BOUNDARIES PET packaging industry has been developing rapidly since 1980, although the importance of innovative and durable bottle design has remained. Sidel’s commitment to packaging design includes driving in rightweighting, which have, for example, seen weight reduction for 0.5-litre format PET bottle for still water by over 70% between 1985 and 2019. For instance, Sidel’s X-LITE bottle achieved a weight of just 7g for a 0.5-litre format PET water bottle. This is possible due to the wide blowing process capabilities of Sidel EvoBLOW. PROCESSING AND PACKAGING 40