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September 2019

Symrise joins biodiversity initiative


  Coalition of 18 companies aims to protect biodiversity and continue changing agriculture The Holzminden-based Group contributes to more sustainable food manufacturing With other companies, Symrise wants to protect biodiversity. That’s why the companies have created the One Planet Business for Biodiversity (OP2B) coalition, …

BASF strengthens biotechnology footprint to enter natural F&F ingredients market


  BASF acquires aroma biotech innovation leader Isobionics BASF partners with Conagen, a leader in biotechnology research Market entrance with biotech-based natural vanillin, valencene and nootkatone By acquiring Isobionics, an innovation leader in biotechnology which is serving the global market for natural flavors and fragrances …



2019年9月27日,由中国罐头工业协会和上海博华国际展览有限公司联合举办的2020上海国际罐藏食品及原辅料、机械设备博览会(CCMF)签约仪式及新闻发布会在上海博华总部举行,同时现场也进行了2019FHC上海环球食品展的发布。   此次签约,标志着中国罐头工业 …

Givaudan rises up to the highest climate action ambition


• Aligns greenhouse gas (GHG) emission targets in order to limit global warming at 1.5°C  • Aims for a reduction of 70% in GHG emissions by 2030 Pursuing a longstanding commitment to climate action, Givaudan takes its ambition to the highest level by aligning GHG emission targets to limit global warming at 1.5°C above …